Maybe You Should Find a New Doctor

How does your doctor measure up. Is he ready and willing to take the time to discuss all your health issues? Does he explain everything in terms you can understand? If you have lost trust in your doctor’s judgement, it’s time to find a new doctor, one who will listen to your concerns and give you a feeling of confidence in his or her ability. A strong patient-doctor relationship is a must for your peace of mind and your good health.

Even the best of doctors have a bad day occasionally but he or she should always take time to listen to your complaints and answer your questions. It’s a very good idea to take out your notepad and jot down information your doctor gives you. You may think you will remember, but often times you wont. If your doctor speaks in medical jargon, have him explain in terms you can understand. If your doctor ever treats you in a demeaning manner, drop him and get another one. After all, you are paying him for his time. We all want to believe our doctor is the best but if you have to spend hours in the waiting room and have to keep calling in for test results, he isn’t the doctor for you. You may be sacrificing good care for reputation. It doesn’t matter how poplar your doctor is if you don’t get the care you need and are entitled to.

If your doctor wants you to have tests you are not comfortable with, speak up. Ask him what is the worst scenario if you don’t have the test. A good doctor will take your concerns into consideration instead of railroading you into unnecessary tests. The doctors office staff is a big part of your health care. If you notice mistakes, and scheduling mix ups, speak to your doctor about it. If nothing happens you might want want to make a change in your health provider. Incompetence should never be endured.

Beware of a doctor who thinks he can do everything from treating a pain in your back to removing a skin cancer. If he doesn’t think a specialist can have a better prospective on your treatment, he has ego issues. Be suspicious of a doctor who is always anxious to write a prescription for every little thing. Your doctor can and should advise you about such things as losing weight or restless nights without ordering medications. Often all you need is a few words of reassurance.

When looking for a doctor, ask friends and family for referrals. Once you have names check out the American Board of Internal Medicine website. Make sure doctors are board certified which means they are current on new research and treatments. Look at their professional associations such as the American College of Physicians for internists: the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ob-gyns.

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  1. So true, I have been with the same doctor for nearly 20 years. He is very good, listens and refers me if he doesn’t know, I would leaveif he didn’t care and listen to me. I am very lucky.

  2. Sound advice indeed. Thanks for the links as well.

  3. great piece, some sound advice

  4. Great article with a lot of great advice, many thanks for sharing I look forward to your next piece.
    Best Wishes

  5. Great sound advice thanks Ruby.

  6. Good advice. It is our health, after all. Wise to trust our care to someone who deserves that trust.

  7. It is hard finding a good doctor at the best of times, and these are not the best of times! Great article.

  8. Our doctor is only here 2 days a week, sometimes he does seem disinterested but otherwise I have to drive an hour to the city.

  9. Thanks for the sound advise, Ruby :)

  10. Thanks for the sound advise, Ruby :)

  11. I am seriously thinking of going to a good D.O. or some kind of a doctor that is more in tune with natural remedies. My doctor pushes tests even though I’m not sick. “Your getting older, and you should have these tests.” I tell him that I do not want them, and every year he keeps me sitting there for a solid hour while he reads me the riot act. I hate it, and I dread going. I am low risk for everything, but he is very much by the book and loves to prescribe. I don’t like pills. So, it’s probably time for a change. Thank you for the reminder!

  12. Great sound advice

  13. Doctors are always terror for me.But yes u r right that we must be open to talk our heart and mindto our doctors.

  14. Such good advice. I do hope this hasn’t been written because of your personal experience with your doctor, Ruby.

  15. I had a doctor who told me I was stupid for getting a cotton swab stuck in my ear. I went to her partner the next time and it was like a complete change. He respected me. And it does not hurt he is cute, too=)

  16. Great article, I don’t go to doctors now I don’t want to waste their time . :)

  17. I need a new doctor!

    Thanks for the share

  18. This is great.I like it.

  19. I totally agree, I recently had my mother visit specialty doctors, since her primary had prescribed medications for high blood pressure, and diabetis. I needed to be sure her primary was doing all he could do for her.
    Great post

  20. Thanks for the advice, very helpful. :)

  21. Good piece.
    I try to stay away from the Dr. Bugs Bunny uses… “what’s up, doc?” :)

  22. Comfortable with my doctor, I see the Nurse Practioner, she’s awesome.
    Thanks for the good share:)

  23. So many doctors don’t take new patients and here in our city all the doctors have dropped GHI our insurance company. We still have Medicare, but it gets expensive. Right now it’s frustrating. Thanks for good advice, though. You are most correct in a person needing to trust the physician.

  24. It is essential for me to have a doctor who is interested in his patients and not just the professional fees he can get out from his patients. I’m very particular especially with pediatrics, because children are very sensitive.

  25. you have some good points here. I guess, one has to do with second opinion.

  26. Nice article.Please read my new story

  27. I agree on most on what you have written. We deserve better treatment, including having a doctor who can guide on how we can live longer.

  28. Very good advice.

  29. We have GP’S general practitioners mostly Ruby so when we say we go to the doc’s, we mean the g,p… who will refer us to a specialist, on what he terms our ailment needs. cheers Ruby another good share.

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