Miracle Product or Hoax

Can you imagine a person that has lost their hair prematurely for some reason or other (possibly heath) would jump at the chance at seeing hair back on their hair instantly? The Product touted such results……..

Well, if having a head of hair again, or the appearance of hair again was that easy, this Company would be making a Mint.  But maybe it is.  I was doing something on the Computer last night and then I see this Ad of this relatively young man with no hair on the top of his head, except for a few strands in the top middle.  He’s the model for this Product.  Well, while other gentlemen are standing around, the Demonstrator sprays this Black spray on the man’s head and as I am watching (this was not a slight of hand or camera trick) he sprays just about sixty seconds maybe and I see strands of hair, in fact his whole top cranial area was filled with hair that blended well with the sides!

English: Mitch Elias before hair transplant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t think I’ve recovered yet.  The men that were the observers came right there after the demonstration was finished and started feeling the hair.  Some even grasped strands of hair in their hands.  The man is smiling.  Now I’m wondering “How in the world did this happen?”.  Well I thought about it.  The man did seem bald but I am sure there was some peach fuzz for which this chemical could have adhered to, which gave his head the look of having more hair.

English: Mitch Elias hair transplant after (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, if this is true, I can see certain Hair Transplant businesses running for cover.  But seriously, this product works on women’s hair, African-American hair, all types of hair.  When he got to the African-Americana’s hair, however, it did look somewhat patchy, but that could have been attributed to a need for more of the chemical, I don’t know.

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