Observing Your Own Blood Flow!

Scientists have recently invented a new camera with which a patient will be able to see his/her own blood flow evidently.

Especially when someone’s body is literally on fire, or burned with chemicals, using, this camera, s/he will be competent of perceiving the soaring inside. Treating the body according to the soaring will get a lot easier for doctors to take care of. The camera been given the name, ‘Laser Dropler Imaging’ has been invented by an organization of a Swiss University in Switzerland named Amago.

The experimenting is being carried out in the Burn specialist and reconstructive surgeon at CHUV university hospital of Logan, Switzerland. It was first set up at the 14th European Burns Congress held in Hague, Netherlands Wednesday last. To use this camera, you’ll have to place it on any soft spot of the burned individual’s body, facing the smoldered spot. Linked to the camera will be a screen where you will be gifted of perceiving the color of the patient’s blood, blood density and its speed. A minimum of 12 reports (pictures) will be displayed on the screen per second.

Michelle Fredrik of Amago said, if attaching the camera to the victim’s body shows a red sign, then it indicates that the blood flow is fast. If it’s a blue sign, then the blood flow has slowed down.

Moreover, he said: If any tissue or cell does not let blood flow through them, then the blazed blemish cannot be healed. If any the cells die, then some other cell or piece of meat of the body will have to be cut off in order to stick to the burned flaw.

Doctors/Scientists said: This camera will play a vital role while healing badly-wounded parts of the body.

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