One Thing That You..

I got this advice from my gynaecologist doctor, I am puzzled about it, what did she mean…though I made a good guess in my heart.

Doctors advice

I have been ill with agynae problem since the past year or so.Finally I went through surgicalprocedure for hysterectomy.

Two months later

When I went for my post operative check up, the doctor said’ see there is no trace of the incision’ and all is clear’

and I thought ‘all is empty inside’ there is no system’.I just smiled back’

Doc, inside I spoke to myself I feel as if the catheter is still inside me…have I been raped? Oh come on dont be sill’ what a sense of humour’

we women are strange we say the silliest things sometimes.

I will ask doc if I can move about freely and maybe climb the stairs’ O Doctor please can I do physical work now?’

My doctor with her head down deep in thought, quietly replied’ yes’you can start…and handed me the medicine prescription whih had the same ‘cal-up and multi-vit ‘

Just as I was about to leave the room, she looked up and said loudly’

Oh and Yes, you can move about but just don’t do  ’one thing’ 

One thing’?

I smiled back and left the room, repeating’one thing one thing’ well, oh I guess, whats the ‘one thing’

No system

With no system how can one…

Oh forget it, don’t you see , its that special’ woman to woman talk’ and we all understand without words’

Its in the eyes and the smile and the look’

There is more than meets the eye in the specialcoomunication of the doctor and the patient and I realized she understood me well and I her’She felt she could talk to me this way and I knew in my heart what she meant.

Oh Doctor I love the way you treat me’

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