Pain Can be a Cure

Its odd but I think so.

There are some Russian scientists that determined that if you experience a certain amount of pain you will be able to cure yourself of anything. When they say anything they really do mean anything. I do not know how much pain it takes to cure things but I think it would go something like this.

The harder something is to cure the more pain you would need to undergo. The easier it is to cure the less pain that it would take. While spanking therapy is something that has existed for years this takes it a step further as the pain is administered still on the buttocks but now it is administered with either a cane, a whip, or a paddle.

Russian scientists believe that if you have 30 sessions of 60 strokes of the cane to your buttocks it will cure any ailment.

It seems weird that pain can be considered a cure for something but I am sure that there are stranger ideas.

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  1. That’s interesting but a bit extreme.

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