Pain-relieving Tips for Back Spasms

Do you find it becoming more often that you feel some fits of pain at the side of your lower or middle back when you get up from your seat or car? Or at the side of your back shoulder blades after bending for some time over your computer? These fits could be back spasms and could be discomforting. Here are some tips to help you ease up your pain.

Back spasms usually occur when muscles in the back get inflamed or sore due to a muscle breach or due to overworking. Spasms are sudden uncontrolled contraction of a muscle or group of muscles usually accompanied by equally sudden fits of pain. Back spasms are usually felt at the mid-part of the back or along the shoulder blades. Pain can also strike at the lower back. Here are a few quick suggestions on how to get relief from the pain that can be so discomforting if not disabling.

1.     Get rest. Stop any movement or activity that would cause, aggravate or contribute to the pain. Refrain from bending the back or carrying heavy loads that will put a strain on it. The aim is to get pain relief right away.

2.     Take pain-relieving medicines. As a temporary step, use over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or some other analgesics. The idea, of course, is not to take the medications for long but only long enough to enable you to plan your logical next move.

3.     Apply hot or cold compress or therapy. Pain can be relieved with the application of cold or hot therapy over the affected part. But since the part affected is not easily reached by your hands, there may be a need to ask somebody to assist you in the application. The choice of hot or cold therapy would depend on your back’s reaction to the treatment. If pain is easily relieved using ice, then continue applying the pack wrapped in towel until the pain eases. If not, try hot compress.

What may possibly follow as the next step would be hand massage which would most likely soothe the pain and provide comfort to the whole body. But owing to the sensitiveness of the back pain and its possible complications, recommendations as to the need for massage will be left to the judgment of the medical practitioner. These suggestions are simply aimed to enable you to gain immediate relief from your back spasms. As soon as you begin to feel better and are able to negotiate your way leading to your doctor, the next step would be to seek professional medical help.


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