Payback: 26


-Yes, it’s that time there! Miuthe exercise of the City Council, and it may well be good for another time. At present we shall content ourselves with the large brake Kingdom Hospital, called the Pale meadow.

In early March, the Board of Health submitted a report to the City Council, in which the epidemic could finally be described as limited. In connection therewith thundered the chief medical officer, assisted by his colleague, the funding for the construction of a new hospital. Engineer Hook spoke of the envelope, but was overwhelmed by a sudden movement, tugged at his cap, stammered and had to go away. He came back not even to vote, which he considered unnecessary.

It was on and it was not, however you want to take it. LLM Smith responded town doctor. He noted, first, that the epidemic was already limited, and secondly that the town doctor not to the full evidence proved the current hospital’s inadequacy. Third, the man of world history to learn that two epidemics often occur immediately after one another (protests from doctors). Finally, he wanted to remind you

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