Pharmacy Course at Tesda

Some good news for applicants looking for new jobs and for most pharmacy outlets in search for more qualified pharmacy assistants.

TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) is a government project created as a solution for education and employment problems in the Philippines. It focuses mainly on short term courses such as computer and cell phone repairs, craft making and many others. Recently, a new course- the Pharmacy services NCII, was launched at TESDA Women Center in Taguig city.

This program can be completed within 2.25 months. With the aim, ‘To ensure the sufficient knowledge and expertise in the industry of pharmaceutical services’, participants will undergo extensive trainings and examinations in order to be qualified as a pharmacy aid or pharmacy assistant.

They will be trained on the proper way of reading and filling a prescription, stocks monitoring and drugstore maintenance.

While this can be good news for people who want jobs with short term courses, many pharmacy outlets will also benefit from this program. Usually, hired pharmacy assistants come from other courses not linked with medicine. Training for new pharmacy aids, normally covers a lot of time for them to be familiarized with the pharmacy practice. With the graduates of Pharmacy services NCII, drugstores can be assured that they will be hiring competent applicants unnecessary for longer periods of guidance.

However, this new program is only applicable for females 16 years old and above. The applicant should be a high school graduate, good on written and oral communication has a sound mind and body and best of all, she should have a basic knowledge on Math computations.

Pharmacy service NCII is still limited at TESDA Woman’s Center at Taguig city. But, hopefully in due time, it can also be available in most parts of the country.

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  1. Good information

  2. OMG! This should be in news… Grrrrrrr LOL. Sorry… Just expressing myself. Anyway, if you are near Taguig city. This is a great opportunity. Here is the tel number 02-817-2650. They just started today.

    Hope this will be a big help. And yes! If you are a Pharmacist and you want some great training to start your career, check out this link

    But, a warning… This place is not for the weak stomach.


  3. Great opportunity

  4. No where near there but this is a really great article for people. Why don’t you re-publish it in news!

  5. Great info for job seekers!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I took my driving lessons at TESDA Las Pinas last 1999 and I’m proud of what I learned there. Merry Christmas, kabayan.

  7. This is a best medical and pharmaceutical blog

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