Place for Tired Eyes

Place for Tired Eyes.

Improve eye sight naturally with the Bates Method

Many people realize when watching TV, using computers regularly, lack of natural sunlight and lack of exercise are many aspects of modern life that can harm our vision.

Most people also think that the method of laser surgery is a matter that can not be circumvented, and our eyesight gets worse the longer it will over time. Fortunately, this is not the problem.

The late 1800s in the United States, Dr. William Bates, a leading eye surgeon, felt disappointed in his profession. If the vision glasses can help us, why then they continually need glasses more and more powerful?

He believes if there is another way to better manage our eyes, and the Bates Method was born.

Bates is a holistic approach to view, integrating mind, body, and soul. Bates philosophy is that we have a tremendous capacity to heal ourselves, and the vision was not fully physically – but mentally as well. According to Bates, eye defects caused by eyestrain. Below are some tips for relaxing the eyes.

Palming (covering eyes with hands)

When you are in front of a computer all day, you do not have enough time to sleep, and you begin to feel tired in the back of your eye, what would you do?

Palming is one of the best ways you can do. Unplug your glasses. If you can, remove the contact lens. Rub both palms of your hands vigorously, to warm them a moment, then tutupkan over your eyes are closed.

Do not have any pressure on your eyeballs, the intention is to prevent the entry slit of light at all. If you are in a sitting position, place your elbows on the table in front of you, if you need to prop them with some books. But make sure you are not bent, the position will restrict blood circulation.

Palming, it is a powerful way to relax. The combination of warmth and total dark matter is way more relaxing for your eyes than sleep. This method works perfectly so you have to relax, physically and mentally. If you consider this a day’s work, it would not be beneficial to you. Think, think of it, as a break for your eyes.

Palming method is very useful, so you need to do as much as you can, lay on the bed at the end of the night or early in the morning if you can not find another time.

Rocking or swinging

The mothers who rocked their babies so that they are fast asleep, knowing instinctively when swinging movement is very relaxed. Bates using this as a very precise method and discipline to relax the nervous system and eye.

For this exercise, you need to stand in front of the window. Position your feet about shoulder-length away from the window. Look into the distance, straight ahead without looking sharp. Glaring contrast to the healthy looking. When you stare, you do not blink, and blink the eyes means giving your mind a chance to take a break. Look straight ahead, focus on a particular building or object; swing your body and shift your body weight from one foot to another. Do this slowly, move slowly without jerking.

Be sure to keep both feet flat on the floor. Do this for a few minutes, watch how you deal with the building swaying with you. Note the color, shape, and size. Then close both your eyes and continue swinging with the same rhythm. Focus on your mind’s eye view. Note that the building is now moving fast beyond you, to the opposite direction. You will probably find that your eyes start to water or gutter, this is a good sign.

To find out more information Bates method, and to find out what you can do to improve eye sight naturally, see the website

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  1. I started wearing glasses when I was only 4, diagnosed with glaucoma in my ealy 30’s. Not too that palming would help. But, a hopeful article just the same

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