Professional Layyans Society: Sixth Annual Get Together- High Lights

High lights of 6th annual get together conducted by PLS.

Professional Layyans Society needs no introduction as it is an example in its own with its real and matchless beauty of devotion. PLS is a non-political, unbiased and intellectual guided platform which is leading the Layyah generation tread on the ways of success and prosperity. It is working for the people of district Layyah and intends to work for the whole humanity.

Sixth annual get together on the behalf of PLS was held in the quadrangle of Govt. Boys Degree College Layyah. It went fantastic and smooth. Many teachers, other professionals and students participated in the get together. Achievements of PLS were appreciated and the organizers were encouraged. During the function, many funny games were played. Banana eating and balloon bursting competitions were conducted. In the end, participants were served with burgers, sweets and cold drinks.

Logo of Professional Layyans Society (PLS).

PLS: ( Stage on 6th annual get tohether)

PLS: (Balloon Bursting Competition)

PLS: Founder of PLS: (On the dais on 6th annual get together)

PLS: (Refreshment after 6th annual get toegther)

I also attended the get together, liked the function and the arrangements by PLS. PLS is really working wonders! May it reap laurels in the future!

Liked it
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  1. Nice sharing

  2. sounds exciting

  3. Oh thats cool

  4. nice share

  5. its good to read about an organization that is working for the prosperity of an underdeveloped area of Pakistan, like Layyah.
    wishing great success to PLS!

  6. great share

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