Purpose: The Meaning of Life and The Reason for Existence

Is there a God? Is He silent? Why is He silent? …And why should we owe Him anything?


I could scream that at the top of my lungs for all my life is worth, but it still woudln’t be any truer than a dead door nail is alive. What counts is evidence. If there is evidence, and the evidence proves that the world is flat, then the world is flat… even though sometimes the evidence can be wrong or incomplete. If the evidence proves the contrary, then the contrary is true, not so?

It’s confusing, isn’t it? That’s because it is fallible. If there’s anything that humanity should have learnt from as far back as humanity has existed, it is that humanity is wrong more often than not; and usually, the minority who have the guts to think outside of the box, and the stones to speak out their thoughts are often the ones that5 are right. The same applies to life and existence.

We got too smart, that’s what went wrong. We got too smart… and then we forgot – that’s how come we ended up being what we are today: a people who would sooner believe in scientists that are wrong more often than they are right, than believe in the fact that there is a God who put us where we are, and that there is a reason why He did so. Most of us want to believe in the Big Bang Theory, and the Theory of Evolution, and all those things that man has tried so hard to hold on to over the past couple of centuries, but none of these things have been proven to be right… just a few suggestions that they could be because somebody thought they could be. But again, saying it loud, or even thinking it, does not necessarily it right!

Evolution is a theory, and an interesting one too… but it is not a fact. Some geological reports conclude that the world is 4.5-some billion years old, and evolution began 3.7 billion years ago. The world is simply not that old, otherwise humanity would have overwhelmed it long before now… not so? Certainly, the world is hardly old enough for humanity to have evolved first from fish into reptiles and amphibians, and then into birds, before becoming mammals, and finally, the homo erectus (or man-like ape), before man – wow, what a pedigree! Each layer (step) on the evolutionary ladder takes eons, countless millenia: the world is simply not that old.

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  1. It’s existenz. Great piece. More of this now.

  2. There are several logical mistakes & some wrong “fact” in your articles. However, you are entitle of your own belief.

  3. Thanks. Although I would challenge us to think about it and ask questions, and never accept anything at face value. The secret of invincibility may lie in the defense, but the possibility of victory can only lie in the attack. The attack here is to learn… from EVERY source possible.

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