Each of us back hurts sometimes, especially if we have a sedentary job, especially working on my computer or vice versa physically demanding work. Therefore, there is no need to visit a doctor during normal "soreness" back. Sometimes we just rest in bed in the "rescue position. However, the disease affects mainly called sciatica sciatic nerve, it is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve and is due to anatomical changes, which can be slipped disc, which pushes on the nerve. This is a very persistent pain. One of the other causes may be dislocations (layout) intervertebral joint.

An important symptom is shooting for her back pain from the outer side of thighs and legs to the feet. Back pain caused by sciatica resulting in a cross, ie where the lumbar spine changes in the cross. The spine is most vulnerable to painful problems. Pain may occur at such a sharp turn of the body, deterioration may occur with bending, coughing or sneezing. The most characteristic symptom is severe sciatica, lumbago and lower extremities, which occurs mainly at night. Strong, severe pain occurs especially when a sharp turn of the body or when lifting heavy things. Then there is a stiffening of the spine due to spinal strain. 

The alternative treatment options for this disease are mainly acupuncture, acupressure, hydrotherapy, and the classical treatment. Acupuncture deals with treating the meridian points bladder, kidney, gall bladder, spleen and small intestine. The treatment of acupressure is called pushing inward on the outer side of the foot width of hand at a distance with his thumb over the top of the ankle between the calf and shin bones. Another option is the hydrotherapy treatment of sciatica. It focuses on ice packs in sharp pain. For milder pain, but rather the longer-term, you can try hot packs. Sometimes the appropriate rotational jets and special therapeutic exercises to correct posture patient. 

Traditional medical doctor will usually recommend bed rest with a firm mattress stationary. Using X-ray usually shows a place where there is a narrow space between two vertebrae. Herniated disc is usually part of wrinkles, so the pain eventually passes. If not, the surgeon removed her operations, sometimes called fiberscope help to avoid more surgery. 

The natural products that can be used to relax muscles, such as Horse ointment cool. It is a herbal balm that is made from 25 kinds of herbal and plant extracts and has a cooling effect. It relaxes muscle tension and pain. It helps with muscle recovery, increased muscle blood flow. You can also use warm Horse ointment. Horse ointment warming is particularly suitable for older consumers. It penetrates deep into the skin, strengthens blood vessel walls, increasing its elasticity and optimizes blood microcirculation. It helps warm up muscles, joints and spine from stress. It is recommended to apply at night. 

The so-called joint nutrition products can be taken into account products group Geladrink Forte capsules or drink, Celadrin, etc. The total body detoxification can take products or Drags imun Detox. Detox is the active ingredient “miracle” herb Uncaria tomentosa, also called Cat’s Claw and Cat’s Claw. Recently, research has been the subject of many global research capabilities and is considered a miracle of the late 20th century.Removes toxic substances from the body, the remnants of salt, a positive effect on the liver, intestines and digestion. Detox strengthens the immune system. Drags Imun is a bio product containing pure latex from the Peruvian plant Croton lechleri. Can be used everywhere, where there is inflammation, which we need to support the immune system. 

When sciatica is possible to properly use the device as the 940th BioBeam It is an effective long-term, globally proven medical device designed for painless treatment of musculoskeletal and pain. BioBeam medical device that uses infrared light to alleviating chronic pain associated with all types of arthritis such as osteoarthritis, rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis or gouty arthritis, pain in small joints and soft tissue healing disorders such as tendonitis. Can be used as an alternative to pharmaceutical preparations and physical therapy or in conjunction with them. 

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