Surgery videos

Surgery videos.

Surgery videos

If you do not like blood or have a weak stomach, I suggest you don’t look any further. However if you have a morbid curiosity, please continue.

I have had my fair share of surgery, but it’s always been on my eyes.  It makes me a little bit queasy thinking about what they do.

I have nothing but respect for surgeons and doctors who perform some of the most difficult and painfully long and delicate operations. The fact that they have your lives in their hands means you have to respect them too. You got to be able to trust someone who is going to mess around inside you. Right?

I suggest you look away now if you are queasy at all as below are a few videos of some very delicate surgery and it’s a little bloody and gruesome.

Brain surgery. Oh my!

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To be honest, I can’t fully watch those videos myself. I start thinking to much about the fact that I have all that stuff inside me too. Kind of gross. if you have a morbid curiosity.

Surgery videos

Surgery videos

Surgery videos

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