The Amazing Efficiency and Power of The Eye

Your eye is the most efficient Natural machine that God ever made for you.


Your eyes are like tiny television cameras that convert images into electrical signals and transmit these signals along the optic nerves to the back of the brain where actual seeing takes place. It is  a marvel in miniature; just 24 millimeters in diameter and 7.5 grams in weight and very ingeniously engineered by nature. For example, your eye has separate systems for dim and bright lighting, so that 30 minutes after entering a dark room, it may become 10,000 more sensitive to light.

In normal lighting, the reason your eye gives you a clear picture is that it has over 100 times more light sensitive cells or pixels than most video cameras. Most of those cells are packed into a small spot at the center of the retina called the fovea, which provides the sharpest vision. Since you shift your gaze several times a second, you get the impression that your whole field of vision is sharp, yet remarkably, your eye’s fovea is about the size of the dot at the end  of this sentence.

 Electrical signals from the light sensitive cells pass from one nerve cell to another towards the optic nerve but the nerve cells do more than just pass the signals on, they pre-process them; enhancing vital information and suppressing unneeded details.

 The visual cortex of your brain is like a sophisticated video receiver. It sharpens images by enhancing edges and compares the signals from cells sensitive to primary colors. Your brain also compares the tiny dissimilarities between what your two eyes see, so you can perceive distance.

 Consider how your eye scans faces in a distant crowd and sends electronic impulses to your brain, which then transforms the signals into clear images! Consider too, how subtle details of those faces are compared with the ones in your memory, so that you instantly recognize your friend sandwiched in the crowd. It is only on the basis of these considerations that you will realize how amazing your eye collaborates with your brain. It also brings forward one more time, the whole question of intelligent design and leaves us marveling at that mind that designed the original eye.

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