The Best Cardiology Hospitals in America

There are more than 6,000 hospitals in the United States, but the doctors best suited to treating serious illness tend to be concentrated in a select few academic health centers and specialty hospitals. Read more. .. .


Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston)

Has a computer enhanced da Vinci surgical system, a robotic technique that makes coronary bypass and other surgeries less invasive.


Duke University Medical Center (Durham, North Carolina)

Has one of the Nation’s largest and most experienced interventional cardiology (angioplasty, angiogram, etc.) programs.


New York-Presbyterian Hospital (New York City)

Its surgeons have performed more heart transplants over the past 20 years than any other U.S. hospital.


Rush University Medical Center (Chicago)

The Rush Heart Institute provides the most comprehensive medical and surgical cardiac care in the Midwest.


St. Francis Hospital – The Heart Center (Roslyn, New York

New York state’s only specialty cardiac center. Approximately 15,000 cardiac cauterization’s and 2,500 coronary bypass surgeries are performed here each year, three times the number done in many other centers.



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