THE Determination of a Woman

This article is about Mary Groda Lewis from US.

Mary Groda Lewis from United States had dragged along a cheerless life of illiteracy for long sixteen years because of unrecognized dyslexia. She was committed to a reformatory on two different occasions, and almost died of a stroke while bearing a child.

  However, all these troubles and tribulations of life were powerless before her high spirits of determination and will power. Committed to going to college, she worked at a variety of odd jobs to save money, graduated with her high school equivalency at eighteen, was named Oregon’s outstanding Upward Bound student, and finally entered college. Determined to become a doctor, she faced fifteen medical school rejections until Albany Medical College finally accepted her. In 1984, Dr. Mary Grode Lewis, at thirty five, graduated with honors to fulfill her dream.

There is no such thingas a little country. The greatness of a people is no more determined by their number than the greatness of a man is determined for his height.

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