The World’s Largest Female Breasts

An American woman named Chelsea Charms currently holds the title of the world’s largest breasts with both breasts weighing over 50 pounds.

                                       The World’s Largest Female Breasts


Chelsea Charms is currently the proud owner of what is considered the largest breasts in the world.


The 35-year-old exotic dancer and internet model from Minnesota United States says that her bust size is 153XXX and that her breasts each weigh an astonishing 26 pounds (11.8kg).


Three major breast augmentation surgeries were done in order to achieve these enormously sized breasts that have become the largest in the world.

Chelsea Charms having an interview


The first breast augmentation done on Chelsea Charms enlarged her breasts to a DD cup, the second augmentation turned it to an HH and the third surgery was the one that resulted in the breasts becoming the giants they are today.


During the third breast augmentation surgery there was the implantation of polypropylene string breast implants into her.

What these polypropylene string implants do is irritate Chelsea’s breast pocket to produce fluid, which is absorbed by the implant, resulting in a continuous and gradual growth of her breasts.


According to doctors, her breasts will continue to grow indefinitely. Presently the breasts are still growing at a rate of an inch every month.


But carrying over 50 pounds of breast on your chest is never an easy job. According to Chelsea Charms, it can result to severe back pains if she does not keep up with exercise. The exercises help to support the breasts.


Chelsea also said that due to her giant breasts she has to always sleep on her back. She also said that she struggles to fit into airplane toilets because of the sheer size of her bust.


Chelsea’s bust have been the subject for many artist, notably British artist Marc Quinn who made a life size marble sculpture of Chelsea focusing mainly on her breast. The marble sculpture was displayed last year at the White Cube gallery in London.

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