Think About Sex at Body Feels Pain

Trick when the body pain attacking.

Some dentists use music to relieve pain when dealing with patients. This method was effective for reducing pain patients. But how to ease the pain when there is no music players that can be used? Try thinking about sex.

A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society found that imagining sexual scenes are very exciting to reduce pain.

For years, people use visualization or imagining beaches and other favorite places to reduce the perception of pain while undergoing medical treatment. Research shows that there are other options to treat pain without medication.

In a study in 1999, researchers asked 40 students to immerse his hand in a tank of ice water. He was then asked to rank her pain from a scale of 0 to 10.

Researchers measured how long it takes for participants to begin to feel pain and how long participants can hold in his hand soak in ice water.

All the study participants were divided into four groups and each group member was asked to immerse his hands.

During this immersion process, the control group were told not to imagine anything that could interfere with the body’s ability to detect pain.

The second group was asked to imagine a neutral scene, such as a person walking.The third group was asked to think about sexual fantasies that only a few cause pleasure. While the fourth group focuses on the sexual fantasies that give maximum pleasure.

The result, participants visualize a very pleasant sexual fantasies admitted decreases the pain while soaking his hands in the water. The group is also better able to tolerate the pain and can soak his hands in ice water for longer.

The researchers found that a very pleasant fantasy will improve mood, reduce anxiety and tension, and increase the confidence of participants that he can handle the pain.

“Sexual fantasies may reduce pain according to the basic theory of pain control. This theory says that something that gives rise to a positive emotional response during the painful experience will create a sensation that is felt much less pain,” says researcher Peter Staats, MD, director of the division of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s as reported by WebMD, Wednesday (05/02/2012).

“To be able to work, or shadow visualisasai held to be very positive. This is why fantasy is just a little fun or a neutral does not have a similar effect,” said Staats.

According to researchers, not just a sexual fantasy that can overcome the pain, but also fun to think of something else.

This finding is quite reasonable to see an increase in sexual desire accompanied by a decreased sensitivity to pain.

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