Use of Chillies Can Help Reduce Pain

Use of Chillies can help reduce Pain.

Researchers say that a chemical known as Capsaicin normally present in chillies which causes burning sensation in mouth and can make you shed tears can also provide you relief in pain.

Researchers believe that this characteristic of Capsaicin is due to it’s reaction with PIP2 am organic substance found in cell membrane.

When capsaicin is applied on skin, it reduces PIP2 drastically. Capsaicin is an effective and safe analgesic for herps, zoster related pain and postmastectomy pain.

Ointments containing Capsaicin are now available in the markets which are used for muscle, joints and nerve pain.

Red chillies have high Vitamin C content as compared to common Green chillies. Chillies also have potassium, iron and magnesium

Chilies are preserved in dried form for future consumption. Chillies are also stores in the form of pickle.

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