Warmest and Coldest Parts of The Human Body

Which body parts are the hottest and coldest?

Warmest and Coldest Parts of the Human Body

The human body is an amazing mystery. Amazing coordination of cells and organs makes the body perform perfect functions. But the body temperature is not spread prorated. Which body parts are the hottest and coldest?

Body temperature is affected by blood stream to a particular body part. The more blood that flow into the body, then the part will be getting warm. Conversely, if a body part get little blood supply, this part will be colder.

From the infrared images of the human body, the warmest parts of the body are:
1. Genital territory
2. Chest
3. Armpit
4. Head

These sections get more blood supply so these sections are always warm.

While the coldest parts of the human body are:
1. Toe
2. Feet
3. Hand

Coldest parts of the body are the parts that get least blood supply. The foot is the most rapid part of the body that feel cold, because this is farthest from the heart (the blood supply).

In addition to blood flow, body temperature also depends on body position. Someone who is sitting or bending the legs, his/her toes will feel much cooler than the person who is standing.
Particular body positions make the blood flow to parts of the body become blocked and make it colder than other body parts that easily are reached by the blood vessels.
The good ways to deal with changes in body temperature are:
1. Do light stretching
2. Walk quickly
3. Touching warm water
4. Alter the position of the body so the blood could flow smoothly.

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