Yoga Improves Chronic Back Pain

Healthy people practice it for precisely achieve better physical,

This ancient practice has proven effective for pain in the lower back, especially in older adults. That way, people can avoid taking painkillers and drugs for a long time without being exposed to the undesirable effects of these drugs.

Yoga is an ancient system of relaxation, exercise and healing which dates back to India about 5000 years ago and has been described as “the union of mind, body and spirit.”

Healthy people practice it for precisely achieve better physical, mental and physical relaxation and stay healthy. But yoga has also been recommended and used to improve certain medical conditions. Research has shown that yoga reduces heart rate and blood pressure, improves lung capacity, muscle relaxation and body composition, helps reduce weight and increase overall physical endurance. It has also been found to cause changes in mental functions, perception, attention, sensory information processing and visual perception.

To all this add up the results of a new study by researchers at the University of British Columbia in Kellina, Canada, which was presented in Honolulu, at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society.

The researchers analyzed eight studies that included over 700 patients and found that yoga will relieve chronic back pain and improve functional disability.

And this is not the first research to arrive at these conclusions. Already have we had in vassaled on another study had found that yoga can help fight chronic pain in the lower back and another saying that, along with stretching exercises, yoga helps to reduce the back pain in general.

Back pain is one of the most common medical problems. It may be constant or sudden noise and intense. In general, these discomforts disappear after a few days or weeks, but when last more than three months is considered chronic back pain is.

And although there are now alternatives to combat the chronic pain of the lower back is one of the most difficult disorders to treat, especially in older adults.

Among the main ways to combat chronic back pain are analgesics (medicines for pain) counter and the rest. However, medicines can not be taken indefinitely and may have undesirable effects, while prolonged rest is not advisable in a body that probably is sore from inactivity and lack of movement.

Then? It is advisable to consult with your doctor to recommend alternative or integrative care that you can try to improve the health of your back. There are special exercises that help relieve the pain, either in the bottom of the back and shoulders and neck. Perhaps you can refer to a physical therapist can guide you initially too.

Now you know that yoga is also an option that could help decrease the amount of pain medication you take or avoid. Just be careful to find a good teacher, if possible with knowledge of using this practice against the pain, and always warn you if you have any problems in the spine, to avoid injury. And always make sure your doctor before you can practice it.

In general, it is considered that yoga is safe for healthy people when practiced properly, and can be adapted to a variety of specific needs, even for people who are bedridden or wheelchair. However, some postures and breathing techniques should be avoided when suffering from certain conditions such as: disease in the spinal discs, atherosclerotic risk of blood clots, heart or lung disease.

For all this it is important that you consult your doctor if you have some careful when you start practicing yoga. Then there is no need to delay their practice or benefits.

If you want to find more information on integrative therapies that can improve back pain, such as yoga, chiropractic, willow bark and hydrotherapy, visit the Dictionary of Remedies and Natural Treatments developed in collaboration with Natural Standard. But remember to always check with your doctor first.

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