You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

Pain can be managed. It is not a "Necessary Evil." Through prevention, proper diet and healthy living, we can all live pain-free.

     I find it amazing that so many people in America live from day to day with great and sometimes excruciating pain.  I recently finished the college coursework for Therapeutic Massage and have now attained pure Brahman Enlightenment.  The coursework consisted of classes in anatomy, physiology, massage modalities, pathology, and classes on the chemical and molecular constructs of the human body.  Truly a marvelous machine – the human body!  Most importantly, I came to the realization that most, if not all of us, can live a life, free of pain.  I hope to engage with all takers on the subject of health, pain, and especially the techniques and skills of sports massage, yoga, stretching and diet that can enable each and every one of us to live a happy, pain-free life.

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