50 Facts About Bald Men

A bald man’s world is full of surprises. Here are a few facts about bald men.

Although most men say they are comfortable with the fact that they have no hair left on their head, deep inside, they hope for a miracle. Yes, a bald man does not have an easy life. It’s all the more difficult for young men who go prematurely bald. A shiny surface on the head is not what a man wants to see early in his age; unfortunately not many are fortunate in today’s times. By the time a man reaches 40, the mop on his head vanishes. Blame it on genetic factors or hectic lifestyle, once hair is gone, it’s gone.  Although there are several alternatives such as wigs, hair transplantation and tons of miraculous products that claim to magically grow hair, most men (celebrities excluded) prefer to brave the storm with what destiny has in store for them. The next few lines will unravel the unknown truth about bald men.

Facts about bald men

1. Majority of men at the Top Level in a company or organization are bald.

2. At least 2 men in an interviewing panel for a high level position are bald men.

3. A woman feels financially secure and safe with a bald man.

4. A Bald man spends more money on his first date than a man with hair on his head.

5. Majority of divorced bald men cheering and screaming are found in strip clubs or at the games.

6. Most bald men are shy, quiet or reserved; the few that are loud or over the top are the ones that have had a hair transplant done or wear a wig.

7. Most bald men are excellent conversationalists which is why they bed more women than Mr. Prefect.

8. Single women do not hesitate to take a lift from drivers that are bald; the reason being it gives them the impression the guy is a family man, which may not be true.

9. Bald men out number their hairy counterparts when it comes to extra marital affairs.

10. Majority of bald cab drivers in various countries have an excellent driving record.

11. Bald men are seldom found loitering about at a disco, nightclub or pool party.

12. Women love bald men in Tuxedos; however it’s quite the opposite when bald men in casual attire try to charm women.

13. You seldom see a bald man get into a fight.

14. Majority of bikers across the world are bald men.

15. Most bald men have a beautiful wife/girlfriend.

16. Bald drivers seldom honk unnecessarily, and jump signals.

17. A number of bald men rub an ointment or balm on their head for that sparkle and shine.

18. Bald men seldom complain.

19. Bald men have more money than men with hair on their head.

20. Bald men are excellent financial planners.

21. Bald men spend less on monthly toiletries than men with hair.

22. Divorce settlements often go against bald men.

23. Bald men are risk takers in their personal and professional life.

24. Bald men are excellent gamblers.

25. Bald men attend formal social events more than informal events.

26. The number of bald alcoholics is significantly higher than alcoholics with hair on their head.

27. Bald men are die-hard romantics.

28. Majority of bald men prefer jazz over heavy metal.

29. Most bald men purchase fancy lingerie for their wife/girlfriend.

30. Tall bald men are a minority.

31. Short bald men are a majority.

32. Women talk about their problems with bald men at their workplace, but never go out with them on a date.

33. You won’t come across many bald men Break dancing or Popping.

34. Bald men love to go on fishing trips.

35. Majority of bald men have a paunch.

36. You seldom see bald men tossing coins in a wishing well.

37. Bald men have tall girlfriends/wives.

38. Right now, a large number of bald men across the world are seeking help to get rid of an addiction.

39. Majority of bald men have dogs as pets.

40. Few bald Hollywood actors are loved by the masses.

41. Majority of bald men have a hairy chest.

42. Bald men prefer boxers over briefs.

43. Facebook has the highest number of pictures of bald men.

44. Right Now, majority of men lying in hospital beds are bald.

45. Bald beggars across the world are a minority.

46. More than 40% of bald men above age 60 live in old age homes.

47. Bald men are patient listeners.

48. The number of bald men with fake profiles on online dating sites is exceedingly low.

49. Henpecked bald men are a minority.

50. Majority of men that die of a cardiac arrest are bald.

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  1. Good info thanks for sharing.

  2. very intresting

  3. haha I hope all the men wont get their heads shaved after reading your article

  4. You seldom see a bald man get into a fight.

    I think the complete lack of hair on their scalp makes fighting a risky business for the bald headed LOL!

  5. brilliant display of knowledge Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Exelent share and very interesting information!

  7. nice article and good share

  8. Good to see there are some nice positives to being bald, Thanks for making my day.

  9. This is kind of amusing, lol.

  10. Excellent share:)

  11. brilliant idea and such an entertaining share. Enjoyed it thoroughly

  12. A lot of “bear” FACTS. Nice article, and yes I am going “bald.” I like the fact I don’t have to bother combing my head anymore. One less thing to do each day.

  13. And yes, I misspelled “bare” on purpose

  14. All four of my boys are bald. I enjoyed this post.

  15. Interesting topic. Men may reconsider curing their baldness for the facts sound not bad.

  16. Very interesting facts

  17. Wow,very witty facts. I love it.

  18. This is an extremely though-provoking, observational piece. Most things that you say I seem to follow. Such as you don’t find many tall bald men, I would not go out with one (don’t know why) but there is something about them. I’m saving this one! Good read :)

  19. I’ve been bald since I was in my early 20s and am very, very comfortable with it. Must admit though, number 50 on your list unnerved me a little!

  20. Surprisingly, the positive things on your list outweigh the negative – so I guess being bald is trendy these days. :-)

  21. Funny but really very interesting. :) )

  22. A brilliant share and humorous as well as interesting.Here’s to so many more to come.from you.

  23. What an impressive list of advantages of being bold. I hope the rules don`t apply to women :) !

  24. Good compilation. Can deal with themall except #50..:)

  25. Funny.. bald head = hairy chest, statistically speaking.

  26. Not bad. Yeah, I’m going bald too… oh well. I’m not obsessed with my hair. When it’s HOT, like hot summer, I shaves it off, feels a whole lot cooler. Grows back thick and warm by the time winter comes. No worries.

    Glad the positives outweights the negatives. (thumbs up)

  27. Interesting article although I must say that I don’t agree with many of these facts.

  28. Very interesting and at the same time amusing. ^_^

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