Alternative Medicine Therapy Ejaculation with “Hot”

Premature ejaculation is a problem most common sexual dysfunction experienced by men. As many as 20-30 percent of men estimated to suffer from this problem. Various treatment methods were developed to overcome them.

Heat Therapy or ’heat therapy’ will be one of the few alternative treatment options tocope with premature ejaculation, as quoted from page Fox News.

Until now, treatment options to cope with premature ejaculation include the use of oralmedications, anesthesia, and behavioral therapy.

Researchers at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio,conducted a study with the trial’s first phase. They used a procedure calledneurothermal modulation, by using radio waves to reduce the sensation of the nerves.

“If we can show that this therapy can help, it will provide outpatient treatment option forcontrolling the symptoms of which often makes man ashamed,” said J David Prologo,a radiology expert as well as the main researcher, as quoted by the Times of Indiapages.

In their study, researchers asked patients underwent scanning to guide a smallelectrode size of a needle into the dorsal nerves male sex organs in the pelvis.

Researchers will continue the research with two-stage trial to test safety procedures.A total of 22 patients will be involved in follow-up experiment that is expected to be realized starting this month.

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