Can Masturbation Help You Fight Cancer?

Studies show men can reduce their risk for getting prostate cancer by regularly masturbating.

How is this possible?

Apparently cancer-causing agents can build up in your prostate. Regular ejaculation can help prevent these cancerous chemicals from building up. But if regular ejaculation is the key to prevention, than you may be thinking masturbation isn’t the only answer. Well, yes and no.

Although regular sexual intercourse (resulting in ejaculation) will indeed help prevent this potential for a cancerous buildup, sex also puts you at a greater risk for a sexually transmitted infections that will actually put you at a greater risk for cancer.

So how much should you masturbate?

The specific results of the study showed that men who ejaculated at least 5 times each week were 3 times less likely to get prostate cancer as they got older.

However, in what seems like an exact reversal to these findings, new research shows frequent masturbation actually increases your risk for EARLY prostate cancer. But this is specifically referring to men in their 20’s. The study did agree with the above findings in regards to older men, that your risk of getting prostate cancer was decreased if you ejaculated regularly via masturbation.

Is masturbation really causing these effects?

Well, the science is still out on that one. It would seem masturbation is the cause of these study results. However, one valid hypothesis is that it’s the level of sex drive that is the actual indicator of your cancer risk. The higher the sex drive, the more frequently a person will masturbate. So what’s causing this sexual urge may be the element that’s either increasing or decreasing your chances of getting cancer.

So what’s a guy to do?

Moderation. As one scientist put it, “Not too much. And not none at all.”

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