Do Pain Killers Cause Impotence?

Research indicates that regular use of non-steroidal pain killers such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen is to blame for the rising cases of erectile dysfunction in men of all ages. These pain killers interfere with production of luteinizing hormone which is necessary in mounting and maintaining an erection.

Prolonged use of pain killers linked to erectile dysfunction

Men who love swallowing pin killers every time they have a headache or some other form of pain have every reason to be very worried. Research indicates that prolonged use of non-steroidal pain killers such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen predisposes men to erectile dysfunction and should be avoided. Men who take pain killers often have an increased chance of suffering from impotence more than those who don’t.

Non-steroidal pain killers are to blame for male impotence

Dr. Joseph Gleason, a urologist based at Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles conducted a survey on 81,000 men to determine the relationship between non-steroidal pain killers and erectile dysfunction. Men who used pain killers like candy were found with a higher rate of impotence compared to those who didn’t.

Pain killers increase the incidence of impotence

The survey indicated that 1% of men aged under the age of 40 reported erectile dysfunction compared to 50% of men aged above 75. Use of non steroidal pain killers increased the incidence of impotence in both cases leading to the aforementioned conclusion.

More than a quarter of men who use pain relievers develop erectile dysfunction

29% of the men who reported taking over the counter pain relievers reported having developed erectile dysfunction. The high incidence is based on the fact that non steroidal pain killers like Aspirin interfere with production of Luteinizing hormone which together with testosterone is required to mount and maintain an erection.

Alternative pain relievers could help

While it is important to note that not every man who uses and abuses pain killers suffers from erectile dysfunction, men who have the habit of swallowing these pills every time they have some sort of pain should beware of this latest finding and kick the habit.

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  1. Very interesting. And interesting pictures too.

  2. Too scary side effects.

  3. this is the first time i have heard of this..

  4. Interesting. I had no idea that pain killers could have this unpleasant effect. Luckily, I do not remember ever taking any pain killers (and my best friend seems to have no problem). Anyway, I usually prefer avoiding taking any meds unless really necessary.

  5. the pictures so funny as usual..
    Always find pain killers no good, even not for the reasons of impotence.

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