Electric Therapy to Cure Erectile Disfunction

There is good news for male impotence sufferers. Soon, the possibility will present an alternative therapy to overcome problems of erectile dysfunction. This therapy is not impossible would be a choice other than taking the blue pill.

Scientists in Israel have developed the electric wave therapy is expected to be a solution to overcome the sexual problems of Adam without drugs. Experiments show that electric waves that are drawn into the penis to help cure erectile dysfunction.

“We can really cure erection problems with this therapy,” said Yoram Vardi of the Department of Neuro-Urology Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel.

“Usually patients with erectile dysfunction can return to function by taking Viagra or Cialis, but both are not the solution – when they stopped using no longer work,” he added.

“So far only a preliminary study, but with our electric wave therapy may provide a biological solution to the problem, so that after therapy the patient can function again without the aid of drugs.”

Experiments on animals show that electrical waves shown to stimulate new blood vessel growth on existing vessels. Vardi and his colleagues speculate that the electric wave therapy can help men erection dysfunction caused by low blood flow to the male sex organs.

“80 percent of the causes of erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular problems, so a huge number of patients,” said Vardi.

Patients stung Electricity
In their study, researchers treat 20 volunteers who average 56 years old who have mild erectile dysfunction, or secondary level for three years.

At each session, the computer mouse-like device that supply power to the five dots on their penis.

“This is an electrical wave that is very very low,” said Vardi.

Each wave gives only about 100 bar pressure – roughly 20 times the air pressure in a bottle of champagne, but no more than the pressure caused her high-heeled shoes and weighs 60 kg.

“Energy is a completely different type than the energy of the massage, although each person will then be set as desired,” said Vardi.

Each point on the penis receives about 300 electric waves in three minutes. The men underwent two sessions weekly for three weeks, and then repeat it again after my free three weeks. Rapid advances seen in 15 of the 20 men.

“We did not find any side effects, and it did not hurt,” said Vardi.

Although further research supports these results, Vardi warned this finding is not a universal solution. The researchers selected men who had erection problems derived from blood flow problems, and no abnormalities in nerve, muscle, or other problems.

Broader research
The researchers are now expanding their research by examining the placebo group (group given the drug just tried a trick) and on more patients.

“This is just the beginning. We need to understand more about what is happening,” said Vardi.

“We also need to see how long these responses to survive – whether forever, one year, two years, six months? So far we see that the results lasted for three months.”

Vardi and his colleagues describe the details of their findings on 17 November, at the meeting of the European Union Treatment of Sexual Problems, in Lyon, France.

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