Erogenous Zones of Your Boyfriend

Like you, my boy and your place on the body that deserves a little more attention. :) But any boy’s body is different, so it is important that you tried and appeared mainly, what’s it like yours.


What actually are the erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are areas (not only) boy body, which is very sensitive to touch and when properly stimulated increase his sexual excitement. We divide them into three groups according to their importance – primary, secondary and tertiary.

The primary erogenous zone

The first and most important group is the primary erogenous zone, which includes parts of the body with nerve endings and is used for human reproduction. These places are filled with proper stimulation and increases the blood, causing increased sensitivity excitability. Surely you realize that this is mainly a penis, this is one of the most sensitive parts of the body boy. :-) It also includes the testes. Caress, stroking, tickling, or even licking the fine points of his boy  guaranteed.

The penis contains many nerve endings, so almost every kid zavděčíš when just these places you will pay much of their attention. :-) The most sensitive part of the glans penis (tip of the penis), especially its lower part – when gently dragging the foreskin, there is a thin cuticle, very sensitive to touch. If irritation acorn But be careful, you might cause your boyfriend and unpleasant pain. It is therefore important that you are watching your chosen response to faces and so on. Communication is also essential, so do not be afraid to ask your boyfriend, what and how he likes it. Usnadníš the way to the discovery of this mission and my boy dopřeješ real pleasure.


Secondary erogenous zones


This group includes those places that are a close second, as sensitivity is concerned. Perhaps most exciting, but also a boys cover-up the most erogenous zone is the so-called barrier. This is the area between the testicles and anus. The guys at this place a total shame and hate to admit it, but you will see that when you in these places you tease reap success. In most cases it really is true. :-)


Tertiary erogenous zones


Well, you got to the last group, called tertiary. These include the erogenous zones, which are no less important than previous ones. It always depends on your kid and maybe these places him most excited. He wants to watch his reaction and also feel free to ask if he likes it. This includes for example, ear lobes, nipples and neck. Tender kisses, sucking and biting too subtle to be is the right way to inflame it. Maybe you wonder, but boys also like stroking the buttocks and thighs. Someone does not even tapping. Definitely do not try, but before his friends could feel embarrassed. This irritation would rather let the home.


In this article I show you some erogenous zones that are key to success in games and gentle overtures. Remember though, that every kid is different, and maybe he just will not satisfy the aforementioned points. It is therefore important to examine the body of your kid, discovering all sorts of nooks and mainly communicate with each other. Only the best will find what he likes most and what excites him most.

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