How Important is Penis Size for Man? Two

Most men who think they have an inadequate penis length, in fact, have an idea, distorted, over approximately the size of normal male sexual organ.

Most men who think they have an inadequate penis length, in fact, have an idea, distorted, over approximately the size of normal male sexual organ.
This indicates a study was published in European Urology, and re-expanded form in the recent European Society of Urology Congress, held in Birmingham.
In the first survey, visit the military, has been viewed 3300 subjects, aged 17 to 19 years. The length of the penis, flaccid state, showed a mean of 9 cm, circumference of 10 cm.La average length of the penis stretched, measured from the pubis at the apex, was of 12.5 cm,
with a minimum of 7.5 cm and a maximum of 17.5 cm. In the investigation expanded, the specialists have examined at two years, 67 men aged between 16 and 55, who complained about a short penis and asked for surgical correction.

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According to data of normal limits, none of the men in question was really to have a penis below average, if not, in some cases, a little. But, most did not even have a proper idea of what should be along a normal penis.
The first problem that confronts us is, therefore, epistemological, even before clinical: there is a really small penis? The answer, in the first instance, it is obviously positive when based on anthropological and statistical considerations: size, at rest and in conditions of excitement, in relation
general body size or age. This response appears to be sufficient from a scientific or even less satisfactory for the many people who crowded studies and outpatient urologists and sexologists continue to experience anxiety and insecurity despite
presence of normal anatomic situation. From the medical point of view, the occurrence of a patient seeking consultation for the size of his penis open a series of diagnostic doubts.

These are questions that can be answered through objective assessments and diagnostic tests, reaching, in most cases, to identify the nature of the problem and suggest a range of possible medical or surgical solutions that still tend to cause no disappointment or dissatisfaction decided
One study, for example, reports of difficulties in penetration due to the increase in the volume of the penis and, in 6 out of 12 cases, the occurrence of renal dysfunction with changes in the sensitivity of the penis. sexual point of view, however,
the occurrence of a patient who talks about the inadequate size of your penis does nothing but delay, sooner or later, to the necessity of having to understand and to understand the motives of his profound experience of disability, real or imaginary.

The concern over the measure is often a typical neurotic displacement “that can hide a frustration of their desire to claim a man. On although there are too many studies have also confirmed,
various surgical techniques change. We must therefore develop some considerations. The first concerns the need for a medical evaluation before or at least accompanied by that sexology, in order to facilitate the realization
by the patient about the real nature of his problem: If indeed we are faced with the morph-functional entity can process the feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, and deal with greater awareness of the possibilities
prepare on a psychic level with any corrections.

The second consideration is that a small penis size can seriously affect a person’s life during adolescence, creating a sense of inferiority, inhibition
and avoidance of social contacts, with serious consequences of psychic development with a trail of important elements of character. In our experience mental health problems are triggered during the school where they develop ideas and imitative
comparison involving the adoption of a rule fixing a script in “winners and losers. ” An accurate and unbiased information at this level could reduce the number of people confused, disoriented and especially troubled by similar problems.

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  1. Penis size is important for men, source of their confidence. Probably men should be educated about this subject in the future.

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  4. Jonah Falcon, the man with the longest penis in the world at over 13 inches, wishes that he had a smaller one. So it would seem that the other man’s grass is always greener!


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