Increase The Sexual Ability of Men

Natural supplements to increase the sexual ability of men ….






Health  of man’s body is necessary rules for his  sexual ability,  so causes any imbalance in the Physiology such as the liver  lead to weaken sexual performance of men. Beside to  following  some wrong habits like smoking, alcohol and stimulant drugs all of that causes weakness sexual ability of men.
So that nature provides effective alternatives to enhance man fertility :

1- Nuts: due to it contains iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and amino acids that increase the good levels of fertility in men and women especially The peanut because it contains high levels of fat, fiber and proteins.

2- Dates: eat dates   regularly   reduces the incidence of ED where  it is a natural tonic for the nerves, and contains high levels of phosphorus. if it mixed with milk a cure for many sexual disorders

3- Honey: Strengthens the sexual performance and the process of fertilization

4- Sesame oil: Proved to be effective in promoting sexual performance and fertility of its ability to increase manufacturing Brostaschaelin substance responsible for sexual activation in men

5- Fenugreek : Contain high levels of vitamin A and D and helps to increase sexual desire and treat impotence as a result of the energy emitted in the body

6- Onions and garlic: Works to increase sexual ability in men

7- Strawberry: Eating  much of  it lead to the  same  effect of Viagra after hours  due to it contain high amounts of zinc, which preserves the Altestoeteron

8- Carrot : Increase the fertility of reproductive cells for men and women because it contains abundant vitamin A  that  important to .moistening lining the reproductive system of both of them….

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