Increase Your Libido with The Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the healthiest fruits available. Loaded with anitoxidants and more….

Some researchers suggest that the amino acid, citrulline, in watermelon can help with male disfunction and lowered libido in women.

How Does Citrulline Work?  Citrulline is converted through digestion into the amino acid, agrinine. Anginie works to help relaxi and dilate the blood vessels, this amino acid allows more blood flow to the crucial organs, such as the genitals and the brain. Increased blood flow aslo increase oxygen for a clearer mind.

Agrinine has also been suggested in reducing blood pressure and insulin sensitivities.

Oh, great, do I have to eat a whole watermelon? Nope, just your average 4 ounce serving contains enough citrulline to get your blood flowing!

There are so many health benefits that watermelon offers! And so many ways to enjoy this beautiful fruit.

Here is a quick watermelon salad suggestion: Dice watermelon into bite sized pieces, toss with chopped vidalia onions and salt/pepper to taste.

Reference: WebMd/Erectile Dysfunction

                  WH Foods/Watermelon

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  1. Well done.

  2. I like to eat this and Interesting share…

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  4. Love watermelon, great post

  5. Interesting share and a great salad idea, thank you for this!

  6. good read – the watermelon board will be delighted!

  7. Yum its plain good for you two thanks, love mellon of any kind.

  8. Never thought to pair watermelon with onions. interesting.

  9. It is kind of unique salad. I will try it. Thanks.:-)

  10. Great. I will remember this.

  11. All I can say is haha! the word “libido” sounds too awkward for me.

  12. love watermelon but onion no no.anyway thanks great

  13. Love both watermelon and onions…hmm

  14. great

  15. I love watermelon and we’ve reached to season for this. Good share!

  16. I do not think I will use it for this reason, but LOVED your idea on how to eat it. I never had it that way before

  17. nice to know one of my favourite fruits can have such an impact on my libido. Jolly good!!!

  18. Interesting info…Watermelons are very good for our health

  19. I used to hate the taste of watermelon as a child and love it now. I read in a journal about the benefits of watermelon years ago, so thanks for sharing this article on it! Many people don’t realize it.

  20. Oh thanks i thought Melon is just a good suculent , thanks for the info,

  21. Ooh, really. No wonder my wife has been loving me more lately. I had no idea, but I’ve been taking quite a bit of it!
    Thank you so much… and yeah, good writing, Momma.

  22. Good information, and I love wtermellon! Good share:)

  23. I love watermelon,and at my age,it might be good for my libido,as well.Thank you.

  24. I would like a slice in this heat.

  25. I never knew that watermelon had this hidden power. Nice share.

  26. Really, Momo? I’ll have to go get myself some watermelons.

  27. Okay so now I’m hungry and horny

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