Manly Diet: These Foods Help to Have a Good Manly Diet

Consumed in moderation, enrich your diet and give you power up your sex life.

These are not substitutes for the famous blue pill, this is a natural alternative. This is the logic: the strength of the male erection is directly related to the health of your heart.

“The endothelial cells lining your coronary arteries are also in all your body, including those going to the penis,” the doctor explains Steven Lamm, author of “The Hardness Factor” (hardness factor).

So the key is to have a diet that helps keep arteries clean as a small reverse abnormalities. What are the foods that give us the benefit? 


Let’s start with fruit. Watermelon is rich in citrulline, a biological compound that stimulates nitric oxide production and increases blood flow to the penis, enhancing erections.

The berries contain flavonoids, which scavenge free radicals of the arteries, improving blood flow. And bananas, being rich in potassium, help to relax the blood vessel walls.

Then there is the nuts. They have an amino acid called arginine, a building block of nitric oxide, which has the ability to dilate blood vessels. “According to a panel of the European Food Safety Authority, one should eat about a quarter cup per day,” says the article.

Nutmeg is also good in these cases: One study found that increases libido and erectile performance. It also has myristic acid, which stimulates the production of nitric oxide.

Do you like nuts? Make the most! When you add a handful to your daily diet will improve your erectile function and orgasm as well as your desire and sexual satisfaction. Or so says a study published in the “International Jorunal of Impotence Research.”

And if you prefer to chop almonds, it will also help you: they are a major source of vitamin E, which increases nitric oxide production, according to the “British Journal of Urology International.” Simply eat a little a few times a week.


Oysters and salmon are also included in this list. The first has always been known for their aphrodisiac powers, because if you eat them raw, you’re eating a good amount of zinc. This mineral not only improves blood flow, also promotes the production of testosterone.

Salmon, meanwhile, is rich in Omega 2 and is beneficial to health because it influences the erectile increase, the nitric oxide-triplifica. Researchers recommended in the magazine “Fertily and Sterility” that you should eat one gram of Omega 3 a day, than you get in 85 grams of this fish.


Try using garlic when cooking. This plant increases the amount of blood to the male reproductive organ to increase the production of “magic” nitric oxide and by relaxing blood vessels.

Another input that can add to your recipes is the ginger. “When cleaning the blood vessels and reduce inflammation, relax the arteries and improves blood flow,” says the article. How much is needed? A teaspoon a few times a week.

And if we remember that the goal is to have a healthy heart, the recommendation is to consume dairy products like butter, meat-and grass-fed beef.


Dark chocolate. Yes, you now have another excuse to indulge in this sweet, is loaded with flavonoids, which dilate your arteries. “Come about 45 grams a day,” according recommend to the findings by researchers at the University of California.

And finally, alcoholic beverages. But eye, in moderation. According to research conducted by a leading endocrinologist at UCLA, one or two drinks a day can be beneficial for erectile function, but deleted that reduce blood flow and nitric oxide production. What should I take? Wine is best, says the specialist.

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