Migraines Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Or migraine headaches may lead to increased likelihood of impotence. That is because pain is a bad thing for a man to erection.

Migraines Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
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Or migraine headaches may lead to increased likelihood of impotence. That is because pain is a bad thing for a man to erection.

The statement was the result of a recent research study from Taiwan. Dr. TobiasKohler from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, who specializes as aspecialist sexual function and male fertility explains, that the statement was firstheard.

“This is the first discovery of an interesting correlation between migraine and erectile dysfunction. But it does not mean they are causally related,” says Dr.Kohler, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (04/03/2012).

The researchers only speculate about why migraine often occurs in men witherectile dysfunction.

“As has been shown that chronic pain can cause sexual dysfunction,” said an author, Dr. Chao-Yuan Huang at National Taiwan University College of Medicine.

“The pain is generally bad for the erection,” he added.

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