Penis Size is Not a Problem for Women? Think Again

Although many people assert penis size is not a problem to satisfy your partner, but reality is not always so.

One study even suggested that women are more likely to reach a climax when ‘auto’ bigger partner.
The findings, published The Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that most women who experience vaginal orgasms easier admitted climaxed with men with big penises.

The study also revealed that the larger sex organ most women preferred.

“Anxiety about the male penis size may not depict cultural stereotypes, but an appreciation of the importance of sufficient size for most women. Just like when men feel anxious when competing on intelligence, personality traits, sense of humor, social status, height, wealth and other characteristics that are known preferred by women across all cultures, “said Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of the West of Scotland as reported by LiveScience, Tuesday (10/09/2012).

Researchers surveyed 323 women at a university in Scotland about the frequency of sexual activity in the past month, as well as on sexual behavior and orgasm experienced. The participants were also asked whether the partner’s penis length affect its ability to achieve orgasm.

The results found that the odds of a woman achieving orgasm penis larger when a longer pair. In addition, the size of the genitals is also associated with more frequent orgasm frequency. Penis length is in the category that has the size of 14.7 to 15.5 cm. Size is more able to provide vaginal stimulation.

Of the 160 participants who experienced an orgasm, as many as 33.8 percent of them preferred penis length above average. As many as 60 percent of women say that penis size is not a problem and 6.3 percent said that penis length is less fun than the short.

The researchers also found that women who claim to have an orgasm most likely to assume a longer penis is better. However, the researchers cautioned that the study sample was limited to students of Scotland. The results may be different in other groups.

“This might be due to a larger penis and better able to stimulate the entire length of the vagina and cervix,” said Brody.

Penis size problem is often a sensitive issue because it involves the pride of men. However, it appears that female choice may be just a matter of taste. After all, most women have felt happier if the couple love and attention wholeheartedly.

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