Penis Sleeve, for The Best Performance

This is a tube with two openings on both sides, which seems to be too tight to squeeze a penis inside it. One of the openings is bigger and is for entry of the penis and a smaller one at the other side is for the end of the penis. It is widely used for human sexual pleasure and is made with a design to resemble the human genitals.

Penis sleeves might look smaller to fit into larger penis but the strange thing about them is that they fit in any type of penis. There are also several sleeve sizes in the market to cater for all type of penises. Some sleeves vibrate and others do not.

 Though penis sleeves, also known as adult toys, might seem to reduce the birth rate, they are not used for birth control, neither are they used as condoms.

There are different types of sleeves by make where some are made of rubber or jelly, others are made of silicone, and the price for each is different. Some have the ability to stretch thus can fit on any type of penis. This statement does not disqualify the ones that do not stretch to be as not appropriate. Silicone sleeves are soft, lifelike, warm up quickly to body temperature, and are very easy to clean, and they are expensive. Rubber sleeves are flexible material and allow someone using them a variety of option on the shapes, size and looks. It is inexpensive thus, affordable to many.

Soak the penis sleeve for sometime in water to give it more flexibility. Add some lubricant inside it before you insert the penis. Sliding with your penis, which is tightly covered, will give you unforgettable pleasure. It is though, advisable to apply a lube when using a penis sleeve for maximum pleasure and the whole process goes so much more enjoyable and easy with the use of a lubricant. If your penis slides easily into the sleeve, then pleasure will be greatly on the maximum.


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