Radim Uzel: Authority, Which Stems From a Female Discontent and Hatred

When I was in the U.S. years ago, I saw in the New York subway a large poster with the words "A woman needs a man around just like a fish needs a bicycle".

Even there was a stylized drawing of the fish on a bicycle. At the same time, then in the U.S. press release was that kind of association feminist slogan: A woman needs a man, but not his penis. This body is said to be merely a means her rape.

Women can read this newspaper article, in the subway poster you seen the bike home with fish and indulged in a popular TV series. From a friend can then be listened to even joke about it, what is the difference between a man and a vibrator: Apparently only. Vibrator seems to be great, but yet can not mow the lawn.

Recently, a psychologist, reflecting on the causes of women’s hatred of the male penis. The main thing is obvious, he said: unsatisfactory sex life. Pair of coexistence can easily find themselves in a vicious circle: female male hatred gives sexual inadequacy. Famous feminist Andrea Dworkinová said that among the usual rape and sexual intercourse is the difference in size of cigarette paper. Women who say such things, you probably do not even realize what the cause.

For a man is hard to have an erection without any problems, if it systematically oppresses partner, and humiliates him předhazuje that each sex is actually rape her. And as if that were not enough, he eventually identified as the main agent that remains sexually unsatisfied.

Easy in the end created goulash, when nobody knows what is cause and what a result.

Penis – hated body

Female dissatisfaction stemming from her hatred, then a center of focus into one that can at all. Guess correctly. Hated body becomes the male penis.

Apostles of the whole movement became an American Bobitová Lorena. She said she could no longer tolerate sexist oppression of her husband. Got rid of him by his penis cut off. Feminist supporters of her for that still glorify and celebrate. In anger cast out her husband’s penis in a snowdrift. That was lucky.

Health officials had found a penis and hypothermic Mr. Bobitovi sewed it again. Apparently now barely works. Famous cutter rode across the country and organized seminars for amputation of the penis. The court acquitted her in the end. With the approval of 60 percent of American women.

From time to time will also be a follower in another country. Czech Republic, this traumatic surgery has fortunately avoided. American feminists have apparently eased somewhat. Number uřezaných penises rapidly declining under the weight of rational argument. More and more women are beginning to understand that the amputation of the partner’s private parts is probably not the most correct way to find a life of happiness.

Came to the sex life can be improved more mutual respect, understanding and tolerance on both sides.

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