Sex in The Winter

Tendention Of Modern Life.

For love has no seasons, but about sex they have matters.

Congestion, especially during the colder months, reduces the desire for intimacy.

The main reason is the reduced amount of the hormone serotonin, which is produced in the body from sunlight.

The more intense it is, the greater is the amount it says our leading and specifies that serotonin is actually the hormone of happiness.

Unlike winter, in summer, when sexual desire and capacity increases, then create new connection and even ignite die out family passions, explains sexologists.

Despite low temperatures, however, one can circumvent the lack of that hormone and still be a lion in bed. This he says is absolutely true for women.

Instead of reaching for pills virility or run to a doctor after another failure, rationalize their behavior.

Although the sun is scarce out that Frost makes us deface under the thick pile of clothes, some way, even with gestures, with mischievous eyes and gently to the desire to provoke a loved one.

Evening instead of watching the show or game separately in two different rooms, try to find a favorite for both transmission. Groomed a delicious meal with red wine.

Some of the substances in it, unlike hard liquor, free from stress, not granted to extremes to make you lazy in bed.

Some diseases also affect the quality of sex life. Diabetes, varicose veins, cardiovascular disease and even some forms of gastritis may reduce the desire for sexual intercourse.

Whether erectile dysfunction in men and lack of libido in women is the result of enough serotonin in winter or a diagnosis, there are several rules that can rid us of this.

Foods that are dangerous for the heart and may compromise erection. Fatty foods and fatty meats clog heart vessels with plaques, cholesterol increases, heart attacks more frequent.

Stenosed arteries impair blood flow to the genitals. So eating a man must include enough fruits and vegetables.

It is advisable to avoid fatty fried foods and processed foods. Seafood, fish, olive oil and red wine increase sexual desire in both sexes.

Overweight is associated with many health problems including type 2 diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Each measure against extra weight is a measure of sexual power storage for longer.

High cholesterol or high blood pressure damage blood vessels, including those that provide blood flow during erection.

Prevention is more movement and sports betting and citrus fruit on the menu, chicken and green salad.

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