Stiff Penises Matter to Women

Does penis size really matter to women? At this moment, we can probably agree that size really does matter. Hardness is a concern – it is important for the penis to be really hard for pleasurable sex. Women who claim no preference on the penis size are typically inexperienced or sexually timid; often they are covering for their partners whom they love but who simply don’t measure up. Sophisticated women today love to feel a large, hard penis inside them. It turns them on. Seeing an extra two inches of your manhood can make her smile because she knows how much sensual pleasure you can give her.

Woman wants her man to have a good-size penis. However, the size is not everything, but it is important.  What’s the average size penis? Hmmmmm…  maybe 6.0″ +. Well, some men could perform their “work” much better if they add extra inches to their “confidence”, in order to reach more sensitive areas that could not be done with small penis. In sexual activity, there is a spot need to be targeted – the “G-spot” – and with a penis long enough to reach this spot,  a man will be in a condition to do it so many times and get her woman on the moon.  Of course every man is looking for hardness and control of ejaculation if he wants to have more pleasure.

The reality is, a penis that is too long can be discomfort for a woman whereby too short can be less satisfying; but size is of the utmost importance for her sexual pleasure. Women today know what large really means – and what it means to be small. They likely know what a larger penis feels like during sex, and how it compares to a smaller one. Most women find a large beefcake penis is visually stimulating. An experienced woman loves stiffer average-size penis that are very manly during the intrusion.

Women also know how it feels to look at a larger penis, or touch it. When the ideal penis size is shared and discussed among women, this translates in the bedroom into a distinct pleasure in the look and feel of a well-formed erection, whether during intercourse or not.

A large penis is admired and desired by today’s woman; not simply for its sexual abilities but for its stature and prominence as well. Of course, the other element in this equation is how a man feels about his penis. Sexuality, especially in younger men, is deeply affected by the individual’s confidence levels.

Male anxiety about penis size is cited as a number-one factor in making men feel sexually inadequate. A man who is happy with the length and girth of his penis is more prone to confidence with women in all aspects of a relationship, from the initial meeting to the bedroom. In reality, most people want bigger penises.  More than half of the males are probably not confident in the bedroom if they do not have the size they wish. But there is more to it than getting a bigger penis. Women care more about the performance of their partners’ penises. Sexual performance does matter to woman today, whether the reason is physiological or media and peer-group influenced. And the age-old truth is that sexual performance does matters to men, too. No woman is ever completely thrilled to see a poor performance in the bedroom; and no man is happy to perform one.

Why man need larger penis? If you have larger than average penis (6.5 inch)then not only will you benefit from increased confidence but your ability at performing during sex will be greatly improved. A longer penis allows you to penetrate the more sensitive areas of a women and reach nerve endings that could never be touched by the average male best of all it will become possible for you to reach that illusive G-spot which will speed her over the edge and screaming in ecstasy as she experiences multiple orgasms probably for the first time in her life, and you were the man to give it to her.

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  1. I could care less about size to be honest.

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