The Causes of Swollen Penile Shaft

The causes of swollen penile shaft.

Many men report a swollen penile shaft in the morning after sex.  They claim that their penis is suddenly appearing swollen on one side of their penis or man hood more than the other. Those men are also prone to their penis being soft because of sex. They are thus disturbed because of their penile shaft looking that way especially since men want their penis to look a certain way after sex. Those who experience this usually feel that their man hood has been robbed of them. They feel that their shaft is beginning to wither right after intercourse. This article will discuss the main causes of the penile shaft being swollen and what men can do about it.

Further the swollen penile shaft happens in men who have sex for a long period. They experience the changes in their penis in the morning after sex which results in a soft and swollen penis shaft for the man concerned. For instance one patient reports having a swollen penis 6 hours in the morning after sex and having the right side of the shaft more swollen than the left side. The patient is reported to feel frustrated that his heard penile shaft is suddenly soft and swollen. The patient thus reports having further side effects from this swelling such as the urine flow being affected adversely by the swelling of the penile shaft. The patient moreover should leave his shaft for a few days or more before adding lubrication. This would treat such a case because the shaft was probably affected through intense and long intercourse. The man having sex is thus reported to feel pain through the intense sex which can be eliminated and remedied through a period of leaving the shaft to recover. This is because the penile shaft is a sensitive instrument that needs time to recover after intense activity and hard work. The penile shaft should have time to recover and thus be able to pick up after the sex.

Moreover, those men who have had long intercourse and thus have a swollen foreskin after masturbation can use other tactics to remedy the swelling. They can use a long penis pump which can bring their penis back to its original state and thus can allow them to have their penis recovered back to its original shape prior to the sex. Those men can thus have their swollen penis also treated in another way such as putting an ice pack on the shaft and then followed by a hot shower and let the water run through the swollen penis. This would treat any incumbent swelling of the penile shaft straight away for the man concerned.

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