Unhealthy Sex Activities Causes Erectile Dysfunction

Today many men risk of erectile dysfunction at young age because of health problems. Impotence caused by addictive behavior such as masturbation, watching porn videos and liked to visit non-commissioned massage center that offers various services such as sex services.

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More worrying, what they did before marriage, it would affect their marriage life. As a result many men cannot satisfy their wives; some have to rely on sex aids and pornographic videos during sexual intercourse, and worse, some willing to let a friend indulge his wife as he watch it.

In reality, not only married men have health problems, but many single men are having the same health problems related to their sexual ability. Many men suffer low libido due to too long mired in sex. This makes them unable to perform well in the bed. Aside from changing their negative lifestyle, these men can also take the Cialis Professional to make their sex life alive again. The Cialis Professional is suitable for young married couples and single men.

There are cases of young men that were unable to perform penetration even with the help of their partners. There are men who have been married for some time and having erectile dysfunction problems which they have experienced for a long time and a waiting time bomb to destroy their marriage.

It is a serious matter, but often individuals who are willing to face the problem came out after a long suffering in silence and valuable time have been wasted. The health problems can be help with therapy and medication assisted such as the Cialis Professional or Cialis Super Active.  Some of these men came only after their marriage have already ended.

The reasons many young men are facing this health problems because of their past sexual activity as teenagers. The simplest example is masturbation. In one case there is a teenager who suffered when blood come out of his penis due to damage nerves. It is the effect of masturbation since the age of eight.

In other case, a 19 years old man suffered from impotence. When asked by doctor, he confessed masturbated for five or six times a day since the age of puberty. All these young men future can be saved by doctors and at the same time the impotency problems can be ended with the help of Cialis Super Active.

To medical scholar they will categorizes patients into four levels of problems which are pre-critical, but with quick climax; critical (there are times their penis function and some time do not); critically hurt (does not even can perform sexual intercourse because the penis could not erect) and impotence.

Consequently, teens are advised to understand the adverse impact of satisfying own desires in the wrong ways. Actually, every society has less knowledge about health problems that can affect the sex life of men and it is difficult to discuss because most men embarrassed to open up. Many teenagers the acts they are doing resulted in short term fun but the side effects are prolonged suffering.

There are patient as young as 25-year-old who will get marry later this year and to help him go through his coming marriage life, he is save by the existence of Cialis Super Active and Cialis Professional. This man who has professional careers admitted like to masturbate several times daily in his office room while surfing pornographic websites. He also admits that he didn’t know that his conduct will cause health problems to him.

Another young man admitted loves to visit the massage center that offers oral sex since the age of 20 years. As a result he is impotent at the age of 27 years.  He is now undergoing therapy and while on the road to recovery he is help with the use of Cialis Professional.

Over zealous activities and actions indulgences of masturbation, oral sex or do the inverse relationship actually invite consequences and suffering from a short and temporary pleasure. In fact, masturbation can damage the nerves and many other health problems. When doing masturbation, rough hands that draw the skin up and down, and this makes the structure loose or sagging skin.

Activity such as oral sex is also feared that the inverse relationship may become infected from saliva as well as addiction. At the age of youth, is great to do a variety of ways to satisfy one own sex appetite, but after marriage the penis face difficulty function. Some men just bout to begin their sexual intercourse with their partners, but already the semen is out. Therefore, they have to be helped with drug such as Cialis Super Active to avoid premature ejaculation.

In conclusion, young men must always practice safe sex activities and never to over does it while searching for temporary pleasure.

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  1. I don’t know where you have gotten your facts, but I have engaged in frequent masturbation (5-10 times a day) and I have been doing it since the age of 8. Not only have I not had any problems in the bedroom, but I truly believe they could make an erectile dysfunction drug with the chemicals in my body.

  2. Interest, like information, thank good job

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