Weirdest and Most Bizarre Male Genital Defects or Anomalies

Here are some of the most unusual and absurd congenital disorders of males which could hinder a happy relationship and satisfying sexual life.


In order for humans to reproduce normally, both male and female must be normal physically, mentally and sexually. People with physical, mental or sexual disorders or defects seem to encounter problems in reproduction.


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Hypospadias is an unusual congenital defect in males in which the urethral meatus opens on the underside of the glans penis. 


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Phimosis can be considered a minor congenital condition. The male penis is normal except for the fact that the foreskin of the penis cannot be fully retract over the glans penis. It can be corrected through minor surgical operation. Notable people who suffered from phimosis include Louis XVI of France and Canadian Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett.


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Another weird congenital condition that affects the genitalia is Paraphimosis. This congenital anomaly is treated as a medical emergency because it can result in gangrene. The foreskin on this rare medical condition becomes trapped behind the glans penis and cannot be reduced.

Frenulum Breve

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Another bizarre genital defect is the so-called Frenulum Breve. It is also known as Short Frenulum in which the elastic band of tissue under the glans penis that connects to the foreskin is short and restricts the movement of the prepuce. This condition can be treated with surgery.


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One unusual male physical or congenital defect is having an extra-small sexual organ. This peculiar condition is medically known as micropenis. An individual affected by this disorder usually has a small penis that measures less than 7 centimeters or 2 inches for an adult. Six out of 1000 males suffer from this defect.

Penile Agenesis

Perhaps you would rather want to have a buried penis than suffer from Penile Agenesis. This peculiar medical condition is a birth defect in which a male child is born without a penis. This congenital condition occurs once in 6 million male births.

Testicular Agenesis

Testicular Agenesis is a congenital condition that usually the partner of Penile Agenesis. In this particular condition, a male child is born without testes.

Buried Penis

Buried Penis is a bizarre medical condition. It is a congenital or acquired condition. Male affected by this condition usually suffers from obstruction of urinary stream, poor hygiene, soft tissue infection, and inhibition of normal sexual function.


One of the rarest congenital deformities is Aphallia. As of 2005, only 75 cases had been reported. This congenital condition is the absent of penis or clitoris. It occurs both in males and females but is considered more serious problem in males.


A very rare congenital deformity is the Aposthia. It is manifested by the absence of the foreskin of the penis. Notable people in history who suffered from such anomaly include Moses, Jacob and King David.

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