Yes, Some Men Do Actually Have Two Penises – and Here’s The Proof!

Recent cases of men with two penises.

I guess it’s kind of a weird fantasy the majority of guys have had at some stage in their life – having two penises and using them to pleasure two females at the same time.

Unfortunately for the men who do actually have two penises, one or both or are usually sterile and/or unable to perform sexual acts at all.

Men born with diphallus also have a higher mortality rate due to the accompanying renal and anorectal deformities.

Known as diphallus, this medial condition is reported to affect around one man in every 5.5 million, though this figure has not been confirmed by medical experts.

Two recent cases of men with two penises come from China and India.

Ang Qiang (China) and Sanjay (India) were both born with diphallus and both men have had one penis surgically removed, stating that the removal of one penis would allow them to form better relationships with the opposite sex.

All and all having two penises doesn’t live up to the fantasies men have in their youth. In fact, having two penises can lead to a life full of non-sexual relationships and an early death, not sessions of hot group sex with your neighbours twin daughters…

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  1. never thought that there’s such medical condition…. thanks for sharing this info.

  2. That is so disturbing.

  3. hhehhe

  4. I have never really heard of this before, I know some people are born with 3 nipples but 2 penis! It must actually be very stressful for the men and now the world will not applaud because you told us they are unable to have sex, with one woman let alone two. Very interesting article though.

  5. Never heard of this before but I’ve seen individuals with both organs (I mean, a penis and a vagina).

  6. This is totally new to me, thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for sharing! That\’s peculiar.. I enjoy reading your articles! :-)

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