10 Methods to Release Stress

Have you ever felt strangled by stress? Axed by anxiety? This article covers ten free ways to over come the issues of stress.

Getting rid of your stress is more important today than it was yesterday. In this day and age more people suffer from stress related illnesses than ever before. More importantly many people are of the belief that in order to get rid of that stress, they have to pay out money. But there are free and legalways to relax yourself, and deal with the issues that are causing you that stress. This article aims to give you the ten best ways to deal with stress.

  1. Learn to say NO.

    Sometimes saying no is the only way to lower your stress levels. If you’ve got too much commitments, too much work going on, adding to it will only increase your stress. Saying no, means you only have to deal with what you have, instead of making more worry for yourself. The first step to getting rid of stress is to decrease the doorways in.

  2. No procrastination

    Procrastination is a high source of stress. People leave commitments till the last minute and cause anxiety for themselves. Getting rid of the work you have as soon as possible opens up time for you to unwind, and let go of that stress. If there isn’t anything to worry about, there isn’t a reason to stress.

  3. Laughter

    Many people say laughter is the most important thing in a life. Laughing is an extremely good way to release those pent up emotions, and look at things in a different light too.

  4. Exercise

    Taking a walk, running, working out at home. All of these are free and good ways to get rid of negative energy. Exercise releases chemicals that make you feel good, and washes away all the stress and make you feel enthused and relaxed. It also makes your body stronger and less susceptible to illness.

  5. Eat well

    This sounds silly to some people, but eating well gives you vital nutrients to keep your body running, and helps you to have good concentration. Many people get ill, and stressed because they are ill. Keeping up with your responsibilities is hard work, and being ill only eats up the time that could be spent getting rid of daily duties that are just building up.

  6. Location, location, location.

    Changing your scenery is a good way to relax for a few minutes. The new setting can be a good way to release the negative emotions of spending too much time in one place. Even a few minutes in a new place can help you relax and take a break from your work load. This is vital in replenishing yourself and remaining energetic.

  7. Make time for yourself

    Some people have such busy lifestyles that they barely have time to eat and sleep let alone sit down with a good book, or take a walk to the local park. However finding a little time to just sit down and relax, or watch a new program is important. Resting is important for the body, and relaxing for even half an hour gives you precious time to forget about the stress, and let your body recover. Constantly focusing on your stress only makes it seem worse than it is.

  8. Let it all out

    Some people write everything down, while some people talk to a friend or a stuffed teddy bear about their problems. Doing this can stop you dwelling on something, and getting advice can help you see things in a new light too. Saying things out loud or seeing them on paper can make you realise exactly what is causing you stress and help you deal with it.

  9. Relaxing music

    Music is proven to influence the mood of people, so listening to some soothing music in the background can help make you feel more relaxed, and less likely to get stressed over yet another new assignment, when you’re still half way through the one you were set under a day ago.

  10. Live for today

    Dwelling on the past or what might be is a number one cause of stress. Instead of focusing on dealing what the current situation people add to their stress by worrying on what could have been, or might be. Since you can’t change the past, and can’t see the future there isn’t any point in thinking too much about it.

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  1. Really nice tips, with a great intentions – Nice work!



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