8 Ways To Get Rid of Depression

Here are some ways to help you get happy without the use of medication.

I have been up and I have been down! I know there are many people out there who feel depressed. If you are then you pretty much feel like the world has nothing to offer, your walls are closing in on you, and no one cares. I am here to help you, give you some support. I want to let you know that if in your life you are feeling lonely there is one person out there still thinking about you and praying for you…That’s me!! My father is in a very deep state of depression and it kills me to see him go through this when I know that if he would take my advice he could be happy! I am going to give you my advice and you can take it or leave it. I hope and pray that you will take it though!

I am not a person who personally believes in taking prescription medication for depression. I am not however advising you to stop taking your medication if you are on any. This can be seriously defective to your health and to stop taking any medicine abruptly without consulting your doctor first is very very dangerous to your physical and mental health!

Like I said, I have been depressed and I know that it is basically the worst feeling out there. I want to share with all of you the ways that I brought myself out of depression. This is going to be in a list format so please read the entire article you will benefit from my words.

  1. Change Your Way of Thinking

    When you are depressed you are thinking that you are all alone, no one cares, and your world is basically coming to an end. Maybe you are going through a terrible situation that is causing these thoughts. I am here to tell you that thinking these things is a choice you are either consciously thinking or subconsciously thinking. If you change the way you think it will change your mood. I know that this is not an easy thing to do and it is definitely a process, try changing one thought a day, and when you catch yourself thinking terrible thoughts remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be. Think something positive about yourself! You are wonderful in your own way, no matter what!!!After awhile you will realize that you no longer are depressed and you no longer have depressing thoughts!!

  2. Positive People

    Don’t subject yourself to negativity! I know that this is also easier said than done, but you deserve better! In order to feel better you have to know what you are worth and no one deserves to be treated in a negative fashion. If you don’t want to be depressed, don’t hang out with people who depress you!

  3. Don’t Be a Doormat

    Don’t ever let anyone put you down, or be mean to you, or push you around! The reason people do this to other people is because they themselves don’t feel good about themself! Why allow someone else to control your mind? Don’t ever take anything anyone says to you that is negative to heart! First of all you are the only person who truly knows who you are! When people try to take advantage of you or try to put you down, STAND UP! Don’t listen! Tell them to shut up!

  4. Go For a Walk

    Get out of your house! This alone will make you feel so much better! Even if you are just going out on your front porch or for a walk, fresh air can do wonders!!!

  5. Help Yourself

    Maybe you are depressed because you are stressed out. If you are stressed out about all the things you have to do make a to-do list. I’m serious, make yourself a to-do list of things you need to get done within a certain time period, then commit to doing them! When you get something done cross it off your list! When you have completed 5 things or your whole to-do list (whichever you’d rather) treat yourself!

  6. Weight

    If you are depressed because of your weight, get up and do something about it. Commit to excercising for 15 minutes a day to start, anything helps. Also remember you are who you are, don’t let societies views on “what’s hot” get you down! You are beautiful because God made you who you are, He knows exactly who you are and what you look like and guess what…He loves you and thinks your awesome!!! Be you and be the best you you can be!!!

  7. Eating

    Change your eating habits. If you eat a lot of junkfood or drink a lot of soda, try to cut down. These things have a lot of toxins your body doesn’t need. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or a candy bar grab some fruit, it tastes just as good and you will feel better because you know that you are helping nourish your body! Water also helps detoxify your body and by doing so you relieve some of your stress and depression!!

  8. Escape

    If you find yourself continuously thinking negatively, read a book or go to a movie. Escape your world for awhile, it will take your mind off of your depression. The more you think positively the faster your depression will go away!

If you take my advice on just one of these things I guarantee you will feel so much better! I hope that this helps!! My prayers are with you and just remember that no matter what there is someone out there thinking about you!

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  1. thank you

    some of the things on your list I’ve already been doing as an attempt to fell better. I really liked what you had to say, only thing I don’t think you should put the “god loves you” stuff in there.. some people don’t believe in god, like myself. Everything else you said Is really awesome. I already picked out a novel to read.. I still have a long way to go though.

  2. I am glad that you are on your way to feeling better Desiree! I am definitely thinking of you!! I’m sorry about the “God loves you” stuff. I guess I didn’t really think about it. I hope that it’s not offensive to anyone. I was merely trying to be uplifting. I am in the same boat with the novel…if you don’t mind me asking, and I’m not sure you will even read this comment, but what novel did you pick. Just wondering, I am always looking for new books to read!

  3. That’s kind of a harsh way to put things Robert Hillman! I am a believer, however your comment isn’t really “loving others” by saying “get off your ass, no one cares, and your depressed because you think to highly of yourself”

  4. Thank you for your thoughts there is no quick fix like Drugs but a Step a Day helps like Reading a Book and going to the Movies.

  5. that is not what i am looking for

  6. i really need help but i dont like thearipists and i dont trust them either. i cant just open up to a complete stanger but there is no one to talk to or help me

  7. None of the advice helps me either :(

  8. you shouldnt be sorry that god loves them. any way i am so depressed but im going to try some of the things you said but some i already have and they haved helped a little but my depression has been going on almost a year

  9. hi,im suffering from depression.I’m going to start the things on ur list to see if anything changes within me.

  10. Try reading “Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy”, by David Burns. This book has helped me develop ways of fighting my thoughts and has helped me become more goal oriented just by making check lists.

  11. I have been suffering from depression for seven years now. I have tried multiple medications and have tried everything I could think of to be happy. I have pretended to be happy when Im not and it has helped people believe that I am not depressed, but it is always getting worse. I am only 19 I shouldn’t feel this way all the time. I always just want to be by myself and I sleep a lot or read more then I should to excape my life! I feel like my life is one continous nightmare and no matter what I do I can not wake up. What should I do?

  12. same with emma lee i cant get out of this

  13. It does pass … eventually. It’s just so hard to DO anything at times. No-one seems to care. I don’t seem to care. It’s just so hard to break out of the sludge state of mind and body. Sometimes I just feel I have to wallow … then I get so annoyed with myself for wasting my life escaping/zoning out in front of the the tv or playing solitaire on the computer. Just gotta wait for that moment when the mind has a window to push out of the state and move on again. It’s a cow this depression thing but it’s my life.

  14. thanks! and i do love that you put GOD in there!

  15. I feel a little better but I don’t know what to do with my life . I am a high school student and I feel that ever since seventh grade Ive felt depressed. because of the pressure and high expectations. I try my best but I’m feel dead inside because I’ve been messing up lately and it hasn’t changed for me one bit. There is also stress from my friends and my boyfriend btw he is also depress can u help me please.?

  16. I have bee feeling really down lately and miserable more so because i didn’t know what to do to make it better but you have inspired me and truely brightened my horison. You are just great and i hope that things work out for your dad very much, for his sake and yours. thanks x

  17. I know it’s hard but God truly is there and his love is there with you all the time. Pray and ask for his help. I personally struggle a lot with depression but somehow someway He’s always gotten me through my depression.

  18. ive always keep my thoughts locked in and all my emotions locked in i realy dont like to talk to people about things and to tell u the truth im only 13!!! im to yung to be depressed but still i try so hard to keep my self in high spirits but i cant do it its soo hard and i cry for hours and hours its not funny i tired everything that u said but i think the depresstion is wining me over

  19. oh and i meant tried sorry

  20. This website is just what I needed..just by reading through this i’m feeling far more possitive than I did before hand.
    My Father has deppression and like you said, it’s horrible!
    I havn’t been diagnosed with deppresion-i’m just generally a very negative and low person at the moment and feeling like I have nothing to live for/nothing going for myself. I realise now I can do things to help myself and not just mope and mone. Thankyou for doing this site…as I said it’s really helped.

  21. THANK YOU. just, Thank you.

  22. This is uplifting..I believe everything a person feels is part of there conscious or sub-conscious thoughts but like you said it is hard to stop feeling that way. But yes, i picked up a book. and it is really helpful. I am reading a book called Shiver, which is about a werewolf and a girl who falls in love with him for some ungodly reason and the wolves can only change in warmth and the warmth is all he is worried about because he is in love with the girl and in the winter in the cold the wolf is shot but the wound somehow brought him to his human form and he spends every moment with her till he turns back because it will be his last time as a human. sorry if it isn’t your kind of book (: i just saw you like to read new things and i think it is an excellent book.

  23. do u have something about killing yourself?

  24. Hi,
    You have really helpd me make da situation mch better. I jst got a smile while reading ur article. I have a strong feeling dat dis will help me n many othrs who really need 2 get out of their depression. Da positive feeling I got while reading da article was vry mch soothing in dis terrible pain.
    Thanks a tons. God bless u.

  25. Hey thanks reading ur list makes sence to me now I just need to apply it and see. Do u have an email that I can chat direct to u if need be?

  26. That sounds like an interesting read, I will have to see if the library has it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  27. Damion and anyone else who would like to chat with me directly my e-mail address is feel free to e-mail me anytime I am here to listen if that is what you need!

  28. I wanted to share with everyone that after reading the feedback this article has brought I have decided to start a blog to be there for those of you that need someone to talk to. I also have left my e-mail address above which you are more than welcome to use any time. I am here to listen!
    My blog address is feel free to check it out, become a fan, read and comment, or have a conversation with me there. You are also still welcome to leave comments here and I will get them. I am so glad that this article was able to help some, and that me sharing the ways I have conquered depression with you has been uplifting.
    –Alaina Ellington

  29. Very nice article. I came across it today when feeling down. It put me in better mood reading it. Then I read all the comments and it was nice to know that I’m not alone.
    In my long experience with depression, I have one advice to give. Distract your brain. Your brain can sometimes be your enemy. When you’re feeling down, you should not giving your brain a chance to think for too long because very quickly it starts to dwell on your problems and eventually gets stuck in an infinit loop of negative thoughts.
    So if you are depressed and find that you have any spare time at all on your hand, don’t even given give your brain 5min of your day. Go out, Go walking, Go Jogging, Go Swiming, Go see a movie in theater, Go shopping, Go to a park, Go see a friend. And plan ahead for your weekends. Make sure you’re not left without a plan, no matter how boring it seems, a plan to do something boring is better than no plan at all.
    This is all I got to say for now.

  30. Awesome, I loved.. this article can only be written by a person who has actually been thru the dreadful stages of Depression. Its nice that you have some up online to help people like us..

    Here is a little story that may help:

    A $50 note came out of bank and was happy, but by wear n tear. the note got dirty and one day fell on the road side. was stamped my many passers by. Some one noticed it and then gave it to the bank. The Bank accepted it. Similarly we may sometimes forget our worth but we are still worth what you are.You are worth a Billion Dollars.. Got for it.

    Never get disheartened, know your worth. Thanks alot for this lovely article.


  31. i am really not sure these are perfect ways to get rid of your depression….i think a person who is depressed would have try all these think to get rid off his\her depression….so give us some new tips……

  32. Great share!

  33. Thanks Dear……
    It really helped me….
    Actually I ahve repeated my 11 standard….
    and the only reason I repeated my 11 class because I was scared of my grades and position…
    That was a big mistake…
    After that every started to tease me that I m a coward…
    But fom now I am a new Sahib Yar…
    May u live long….

  34. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you so much.

    I admit I started reading this article with a very negative attitude and a head full of anger from my own depression and conflicts with people important to me. What you said in the quote below just lifted it all away and turned my feelings of sadness, frustration and anger into happy tears. I love your enthusiasm and energy for helping people with depression, and I thank you so much for writing this amazing article. I don’t believe in the common notion of God, but God bless you. I don’t think I can thank you enough for writing even that quote below. I wish you happiness and the best. Thank you!

    The Quote in Question:
    “I want to let you know that if in your life you are feeling lonely there is one person out there still thinking about you and praying for you…That’s me!!”

  35. Justin,

    Thank you so much for your kind words! It means so much to me to see that I have helped even one person! I would love to talk more to you, and am here if you ever need to talk. Sometimes that’s all it takes to pull yourself out of a funk, someone to talk to.

    It makes me so happy to know that I have been able to help.

    Alaina Ellington

  36. sad ……….. i try my best ;ppp;

  37. :”"”"”"”"”"”"”"(
    this didnt help me whatsoever

  38. Thanks alot for your post. may God reward you for this!!

  39. Wow this advice helps I’m experiencing this from quiting recent drug use and I caught it early. But yea the problem was depression and anxiety. I’m also goingto say that just reading these coments make me sad. …u kno u can just tell when ur negative like that. And talking about removing god bless you has got to be the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard y’all change ur views. Have a nice day :T

  40. hey it is very sweet of you to do this for all….. i just wanted to add that listening to happier songs will help….. i mean in this state of mind u automatically tend to listen to very sad and depressing songs….. so just make it a point not to listen to sad songs….. and always brighten the place where u sit….. don’t make the room dark….. well except at night for sleep….. patience is very very important….. coming out of depression is a slow process….. but u can surely come out of it!!!!! do not worry….. :) :) if u feel there is no one to talk to then start writing…..
    do not worry….. there is always hope….. :) :) :)

  41. um I’m related to somebody who deals with depression and it’s like that person depression drags me down to I always try to think positive but the more I think I think about the depression!!!:( it’s just really upsetting I hope my family member gets better but they refuse any help :’(

  42. hi u dont think depression is winning u over…becoz it’s just false thoughts .just think how u were before u get depressed..think positive or else stay out of negative…travel from one place to other meet some new people …don’t stay in the house or in front of comp…fix an ambition to work on………

  43. My friends at school are botherthing me at they made me cry. My dad is being a jrk my mom is taking coke so that doesnt hepl at all nothing helps at all im thinking of comitting suicde or running away for a while someone please help me im 11 yr and i feel very!!!!! hopeless and cant do nothing at all. how could you guys live like this

  44. My friends at school are botherthing me at they made me cry. My dad is being a jrk my mom is taking coke so that doesnt hepl at all nothing helps at all im thinking of comitting suicde or running away for a while someone please help me im 11 yr and i feel very!!!!! hopeless and cant do nothing at all. how could you guys live like this

  45. Chloey,
    It sounds like you are going through a really rough period, if you would like someone to talk to you can e-mail me. My personal e-mail is

    Please don’t do anything (suicide, running away) Your life is your life, not your parents. You have your future. There are things you can do to change your present.

    You are not alone.

  46. I just don’t understand why God allowed this to happen to me. I quit smoking 6 years ago – that’s when the depression and anger started. I was NEVER like this. I’m now realizing how addictive a drug cigarettes truly are. They kept me from freaking out and getting upset and depressed. I just started taking a natural supplement called Amoryn. ( I tried taking antidepressants, but had too many horrible side effects to stay on them. So now, I will be taking these and hopefully within 2 months I will start feeling like myself again. Depression and anger (I guess this would be anxiety) are no fun. My husband has left me and told me that he will not be coming back unless I seek help. I will be going to counseling later on today. I am just hoping for some peace of mind and sanity in my life. Keep me in your prayers :)

  47. I had tried some of these but got stressed out and lazy to aid my depression. The last steps. I can’t hardly buy myself anything to eat or a ticket to watch a movie or read a book. Because, I got no job. My mom was suffering depression in her teen years. I still facing depression and anxiety. Ever since, I learned how to do laundry. I started to wash my clothes alot within per day.

    2. When I lonely or upset. I get in this negative situation and don’t think of anything better of myself.
    3. It is really hard for me to stand up and don’t listen to people who let me down because they shut you up and still talk about you. Unfair while they still talk about you getting you depressed. I usually listen to people when they are talking about me. It really ignoring.
    4. Mainly, I stayed in the house.
    5. I usually do what comes in mind, and start to hard thinking.
    6. When I exercised. I get tired and lose some energy.
    7. I hardly can’t change my eating habits because I got no job.
    8. I lazy to watch movies.

    I might try to do these tasks. I still facing depression and get depressed whether I’m lonely or offended by people that bugs me. Thanks. :)

  48. This does not help at all. Depression may come with these symptoms but more often than not this is just some of the things in your head that are distractions from what is really bugging you. Social Anxieties, we all have those.

    Eating disorders are major attacks to yourself, whether you do it for attention or you do it because you never really noticed you weren’t eating.

    Depression is a way of thinking, in away which places individuals that you love or hate in severe extremities. Then take a look at ones self and feel helpless, you feel nothing, you do nothing. It’s numbness- it’s not reacting because you are overwhelmed.

  49. This article sucks and wasn’t helpful.

  50. Thank you for your comments. I really needed to hear every word that you including \”GOD\”. I made the first step by getting me a book to keep my mind off of negative and the problem that has me down. Yes, walking and taking deep breath while walking helps. You are right about taking medicine. I don\’t want to have to depend on medicine to cue the depression and hurt cause when the medicine wears off it will still be there.

    I agree with Macy about not opeing up to strainger but after thinking about it I think a strainger will do better than a family or close friend. When you open up to family or close friends they begin to judge you.

    Just reading some of the comments it is beginning to help me. We think our depression is bad but when you listen to others it begin to bring up around and make you think why am i depressed.

  51. i have suffered for years to and im only 19 its so hard and makes life hard for me ive been through so much and i wish i could find someone simualar to see how they have delt with it and how they make them slefs feel better and my family is negitave so it makes it hard i try to change how i think i can do it but i go back to square a again and i see all kinds of doctors but i am feeling like im getting no where

  52. I am not sure of how things would brighten up unless you start trusting in people who are willing to help you..

  53. It would be helpful if you can list out all the things that disturb or pull you down on a daily basis and try to find out ways that you can adopt to tackle them or block them if possible.. try it.. maybe things arent that bad..

  54. I’m glad God was put in there. Whether you believe in God or not a lot of people do. Going to church and praying helps. And part of depression is a negative attitude and out look. So when the majority of people are sitting here writing “oh this didn’t help me” I’m still depressed” it never said These WILL heal you. It says it helps they’re tips. They’re not for everyone because everyone is an individual. All of these tips are just perfect for certain people and just some of these tips are great for others. Giving negative feedback, isn’t good. Appreciate that others are putting information out there to even attempt to help.. Remember this is America freedom of speech and God is allowed to be in all of this. If we choose to put him there.

  55. what a load of crap. if a depressed person could manage to do any of these things, they would not be suffering from depression.

  56. Well said Critic….. but let others try their luck…..haha.

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