A Panic Attack is Not Pretense

He is pretending! There is no reason for her to get so worried. All they want is attention! It is just fear after all..No Way! Panic Attack is a real medical condition.
A Panic Attack is Not Pretense.

I) Very often a person going through panic attack is blamed for it! Since other people cannot see a reason for the person to show so much fear, they feel the person going through panic attack is faking it. They mistakenly believe that the person maybe pretending to have a panic attack to gain attention or sympathy. NOT TRUE! The person suffering from a panic attack is trying very hard to cope with immense anxiety and fear. The person is not purposely making a big deal or trying to grab your attention. A Panic Attack is Not Pretense.   Panic Attack is a real medical condition.The person feels overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety and fear. Alas, not many people can understand this as they find it difficult to comprehend panic attacks particularly since they cannot find any justifiable external cause for the person to feel so much fear.

II) Panic Attacks are caused by the heart. Because the symptoms of Panic Attack may include fastening of heart beat, chest pain,hyperventilation, shortness of breath, etc. (For more on the warning signs of Panic Attacks please view: Attack Panic Attack) the person thinks he or she is having a heart attack. NOT TRUE! A panic attack is not a heart attack neither is it caused by the heart. Panic Attacks fall in the spectrum of common mental disorders. 

III) Panic Attacks are just about fear.NOT TRUE! Most people believe(falsely, of course!) that the person who gets a panic attack is only getting afraid. So good natured advice like, “..come on now, buck up!” or “..don’t get scared, I am there with you.”, is often patronizingly offered. Fear is a natural mechanism we have inbuilt in us to alert us to impending danger. We all experience fear, in panic however the fear response is largely exaggerated and often experienced without a valid cause.

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  1. Surely, it isn’t! I know this by experience. Good share!

  2. I have experienced panic attatcks as well, i think it is adrenaline, and it can be scary if you do not understand it. And others just don’t know…

  3. It is a great share, and not a very nice experience I would imagine, thank you for sharing.

  4. My sister had these a lot and it is no joke thanks for the good info.

  5. Terrible

  6. nice info

  7. Surely, it isn’t! I know this by experience. Good share!

  8. Great info. Thanks. I have always thought a person who looks fearful is faking it. Now I know not to judge so soon.

  9. My sister experienced panic attacks and she almost had a heart attack. Good share.

  10. Oh ,love to know this fact ,thanks i know now how to handle mine..

  11. good share

  12. That is true! Unfortunately sometimes people don’t understand what they have not experienced,,,

  13. Good information on Panic attacks..Thanks for sharing…

  14. Good post. Very well explained. I know someone who I think is faking it because she is taking pills and is so proid telling everyone about them and always trying to get everybody on them. Plus she practically has every disease known to man she also is an attention getter always gossping and starting rumors about who is homosexual and boy is she loud with her cackle! Oh I mean laugh

  15. In this tough economy there maybe more panic attacks happening.

  16. What you say is what all sufferers need to hear. Panic attacks ARE real and very scary for those who experience them. Brilliant write,

  17. sensible

  18. I shared this with FB. I have a sister that had one after my mom had a stroke. I believe it is the chemicals in the body that cause these problems. We are,after all, beings made up of blood,water,as well as many hormones/chemicals.

  19. March, 16th 2012

  20. nice

  21. reading it for second time..

  22. I have never had a panic attack, but your description makes it a serious condition.

  23. reading again pleasant read

  24. Why wud ppl think that people who get them are faking ?!! If u saw a loved one experience one u will see its nOt faking !!!! They scream etc u can tell when its real , I imagine they are terrifying as I have a family member hu experiences them n anyone Whu says they’re fake needs a slap n wake up call vey narrow minded brutes in the world today

  25. Great share !

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