Adderall Withdrawal, Side Effects, Problems

After a prolonged use of Adderall, it will take time to get yourself back to normal.

Many who have been prescribed Adderall will want to stop taking it after a while because it causes too many side effects and negative consequences.

Taking high dosages of Adderall and extended release on a regular basis will lead to a feeling of weakness despite high energy levels and the ability to stay up at night. Eventually the weakness can lead to oversleeping uncontrollably. With me, falling asleep behind the wheel became a problem of concern, as well as oversleeping for my classes.

Other side effects include:

-loss of appetite, although I was always eating more for some reason.

-unhealthy teeth. I felt that my teeth were getting weaker, maybe it was tooth decay.

-dry lips. Not pretty.

-weak stomach. After a while Adderal caused an acceleration of my bowel movements.

-terrible body odor. It is noticable by anyone, just ask your friends. It will stay on your clothes, in your breath, everywhere.

-memory loss. Although it may help you focus, what good is it if you can’t remember half the things you learn.

Once someone decides Adderall is not worth it, it will be a bit difficult to get your body back to normal. Of course, it will feel like you need more energy to act the way you do on Adderall. Oversleeping will be a significant problem because you will find that you need more sleep than you needed when you took Adderall.

Also, you might experience depression. I had deep feelings that nothing in the world mattered. This lasted for at least three months after I stopped taking Adderall. Eventually it will go away, however. Just have hope that it is not an internal problem that is there to stay.

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