Am I a Hypercondriac? Hypercondria Signs and Symptoms

Hypercondriac explanation of the signs and symptoms related to the illness and how you can overcome them negative thoughts inside your head to become a happier person.

Hypercondriac illness is caused by anxiety that can affect your mind and physical health. It can make a person ride every wave of emotion possible. You can be happy one moment and the next you find yourself crying without reason. With this you can develop a strong sense of fear and always feel scared on the outcome of simple issues that can normally be resolved easily.It gives you fears of how you think people think about you sometimes it feels like your trapped in a corner and are just trying to find the nearest exit do you don’t have to face what you feel head on. Hypercondria can make you feel like you are unable to participate in activities and hobbies with others the thought of not succeeding can be unbearable the thought of making a mistake or just feeling embarrassed can put you off from socialising altogether. The sad thing i find with hypercondria is that everybody assumes you are un sociable and don’t want people around however this isn’t the case most people with the illness would like nothing more than to socialize like the average person but the feelings and thoughts you get make it difficult to show a happy face when that’s not how you are really feeling at all. 

Hypercoindria can make you feel tiered irritable, unable to relax you become fidgety when you sit down for long periods of time, and can experience shaking,trembling,shortened breath heart palpitations and muscle tension especially around the neck and shoulders. Just like depression and anxiety the illnesses are all linked, if you have one illness your more than likely experience the rest too at some point in your life.

Unfortunately there isn’t such a cure for a hypercondriac, even if you are prescribed drugs the real problem will not be addressed unless you put some effort in yourself. Similar to anxiety and depression the illness no matter how many pills you take will make how you feel disappear, to get to the root of the problem you need to keep a routine in the day time, don’t get depressed and lay in bed in the morning, it’s the worse thing that you can do, try and look forward to the positive side of things, negativity in yourself and others will make you feel low and make you isolate yourself away. You need to face your fears head on whatever you fear needs to be dealt with, for example if someone you normally shy away from says hello in the street; start the conversation don’t just avoid them altogether the more you do this the stronger and confident you will feel. It is important to express how you feel to help you gain the confidence to socialize and become a happier person within yourself. You shouldn’t live life in fear,guilt worry or anger. You only get one life and it begins when you start letting it. Exercise is also really important to keep a healthy mind and body. This illness lays in the centre of your mind- it’s up to you how you deal with it. Keep your head up!

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