Many people are aware about anxiety but had no further understandings of what it really is…unless they have it.

           Everyone has anxiety which comes through various different levels. I have it. To tell you the truth I am addicted to whichever makes me clean (like washing my lips with ethyl alcohol or cleansing my face with dove soap with countings…yes with countings and unless I have reached my favorite number of 39 soap scrubs, I never [ever] get satisfied—I feel unclean). Anxiety is even worst than how it sounded like, it is much more complicated than misunderstandings in relationships’ since that by the way is fixable with proper communication, unlike anxiety which probably made its own invisible handcuffs [or neck-cuffs] around you with the word anxiety written over it and there is no key to set you free.

           When I said that anxiety comes through different levels it’s like a level one fear of open or close place’s or frantic fear in the dark or a level two “Clean Freak” —> that’s me for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or level three Health-Scare or level four UNLIMITED [non-stop] FEARS or level five Dying for all nonsense reasons like staring at the roof like is going to squash you flat or nonsense thoughts of forgetting how to breathe.

          The things I have learned about anxiety is that, it cause real physical problems like fatigue, or feeling lightheaded, body aches, throat lump-like feeling, cold and hut flushes, headaches, nausea, and so much more  un-imaginary symptoms and when you feel one simple symptom you panic and makes yourself more anxious and when that happens you feel additional symptoms and then you’ll be much more anxious to the point that you’ll experience the worst unknown symptoms like you’re broke and all you want to do is escape from…yourself and that is where depression comes along which rarely results to suicide.

           The most scary part about anxiety is that, you would never know you have it unless you have gotten worst. And when you get through your anxiety of being for instance a clean freak and overcome your fear of being unclean, another face of anxiety will be born in your senses [like a health-fear that you may have unknown disease that you have gotten from nowhere and you'll die in a minute].

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