Are Skinny Girls Sexy?


Often people go on diets and go to health clubs to “Get skinny.” But is skinny really sexy?

Often people when they lose weight go a little too far. You can see their hip bones stick out like sharp razors. You can fully see their collar bone.

The truth about skinniness is that it is unattractive. Many skinny people look like junkies or crack heads. They look unhealthy with dark circles under their eyes and may have a bigger chance of being sick rather people who are just right.

Skinny models, some of them are at least are giving women and girls a message, “Get skinny. And if you don’t , you have a problem.”

Not every model is rail thin, but some of them are.

On the other hand, women who are considered to be just right or even women or girls who have a little pudge to them are considered to be sexy and healthy and in reality they are much more attractive than rail thin skinny girls.

Women often develop eating disorders, because they want to be skinny. Anerexia, is one of them. That is when a girl or a woman thinks that they are fat, when they are no where near fat, go on rigid diets and exercise until they drop. They go way below their desired weight. And also they wind up looking like skeletons.  Bulimima is another eating disorder where girls and women stuff themselves with food to the point where they can hardly move and they force themselves to vomit or to take mega laxatives.

But woman who have curves are most desired by men. They are to be considered to have a lot of sex appeal.

They say that real women have curves and that’s the truth.

So don’t get too skinny. It just isn’t worth it.

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