Army/navy Suicides Upsurge Predicted!

Yes it is all true, I am CNN before CNN!

Cosmic Code

 For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Hello Readers:

Note: Terania and I have been invited/hired for a private party in Canada where I have to lecture on the Cosmic Code, perform personal readings and, as always impress a few people there. The corporation organizers are flying us on Sunday  where we will stay at the Sutton Place Hotel, downtown Vancouver until Tuesday then return to Phoenix, AZ.  Thus I will not be able to either post or answer any of your emails as we will be mixing business and pleasure.

Where ever you are in this big world, you can make a good use of the new Scorpius Dragon and hire me too, after all I am the real thing and my talent is VERY rare. I will take some pictures of this private event and share it with the public upon our return.  If you want me to perform, teach and entertain you and your guests, we are guaranteeing the time of your life and ALL your guests to be amazed with my gift!  Check some of the topics I lecture about and we can always accommodate/cater your requests if needed. Call Terania at 602-265-7667 or email her at

Now on to the latest news on CNN…It is sad to be able to post the news before CNN and yest my prediction of an upsurge in suicide seems to become yet another reality…Note this prediction was made on many of my previous radio shows, including Coast to Coast radio with George Noory,  published on my 2009/2010/2011/2012 “Moon Power”  and posted on my website 01/01/2009.  If you are a supporter, its time for you to email George Noory and ask him to have me on his show again to refresh his memory and warn the world of the new Scorpius Dragon and if you are a VIP remind him of all my unarguable predictions / earthquakes etc.  that transpired lately? If you want me on the air that’s is the only way to get me there and hear REAL predictions! Thank you readers. 

 2011 Jupiter / Mercury Impact

Army sees highest suicide rate in July

America, born July 4th 1776, will receive the Dragon’s Tail on her 12th house as of March 2011 forcing a total re-structure of the working force and its basic physical organizations. On a spiritual US / world meaning this dragon will induce a serious increase in mental problems (dementia / depressions / schizophrenia etc.) where medications will make the situation worse. Expect dramatic news and a serious increase involving suicides.


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